Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Meal Planning (SPOOKY Edition)

It is 5:32 in the morning. Alice has been up for an hour. I have no idea why. But she is sitting here, chilling like a villain on the couch, watching Franklin. I have tried reasoning with her. I have tried begging her to please go back to sleep. No dice. In this day of tricks and treats, Big Al is delivering the trick of the day. Perhaps she did not get the memo that ole mom spent the previous night pushing her in her stroller around two hilly neighborhoods, escorting her children on a neverending search for candy.

At any rate, I thought I would go ahead and post this week's menu. I actually completed it on Friday and did the grocery shopping yesterday. I am on top of things. I thought that would be a good start to SuperMom week, which is what I have declared this week to be. What is SuperMom week, you ask? Does it involve a cape? I wish. This is the week in which I will instill a weekly cleaning schedule, prepare a few meals to put in my freezer (on top of the normal daily meals) AND go running at least 3 times. And look totally cute doing it. When I mentioned SuperMom week to Matt, he just sighed and said something about every week being SuperMom week. Hrrrmm. A compliment? Or something sinister? The mind boggles.

Saturday (yesterday): Beef Daube Provenal and egg noodles (of course, given the spirit of the day, I called this Stew Made from Mutilated Monkey Meat and Little Hairy Piggy Feet) Note: This was, in a word, delicious. We ate it greedily and happily after a night of trick or treating in our neighborhood.
Sunday breakfast: Pumpkin waffles with trail mix topping and whipped cream (For the trail mix, I took our pumpkin seeds from two jack-o' lanterns and roasted them. Then I combined them with whole, unsalted almonds and just a touch of maple syrup and roasted them again. Then I tossed them with dried cranberries. We have a lot, so this will top yogurt and be lunch box fare this week.)
Sunday: roast chicken, scalloped sweet potatoes (because they are orange...and festive), and rosemary garlic bread (to keep the vampires away), pumpkin cobbler
Monday: Beef with Snow Peas, brown rice
Tuesday: French Onion Soup, baguettes (made with caramelized onions that I am caramelizing in the slow cooker tomorrow and croutons that I made with leftover bread yesterday)
Wednesday: Kitchen Sink Quesadillas, guacamole
Thursday: Make-Your-Own Pizzas (honey goat cheese for Matt and myself with, again, caramelized onions from the slow cooker and whatever conglomeration the kids come up with on their own), make your own salads
Friday: Date Night!
Saturday: elementary school fall festival (which means I'll spend the night making hot dogs and nachos for others). I will be taking a big batch of chili and a cake for the cake walk.
Treats: caramel corn and caramel apples (the kids are making these tomorrow--er, today-- and they will be lunchbox fodder this week), truffles (making these and taking them around as we visit family members who put together treat bags for the kids)
Breakfasts: I am making homemade apple butter in my other slow cooker tomorrow for biscuits and toast this week. We are also restocked on cereal and yogurt.

I mentioned that I am putting stuff in my freezer this weekend. I will be adding a batch of crock-pot Mexican chicken, a batch of enchiladas (making two batches of the chicken--one will become enchiladas and the other will go in as is) and a batch of Oatmeal Almond Chocolate Chunk Cookies. My kids recently sold cookie dough for their school and we have loved being able to pull out a tub of it and bake 1-2 cookies as needs/tastes dictate. We are almost done with the dough, so I am making my own for the same reasons. These look much healthier and yummier than the preservative-packed cookies I have been giving them.

Please share your menu. Like I have said before, it doesn't have to be fancy AT ALL. I love getting new ideas, no matter what they are.

Hope everyone has a yummy week!

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