Friday, October 15, 2010


Have I ever mentioned how much I love David Bowie? I have seen him concert three times, and I absolutely adore everything about him. I don't know why I felt like mentioning that. I mean, you didn't need to know that. But it makes me feel closer to you somehow. Do you feel that too?

(kidding. kind of. although I do love David Bowie. I wasn't kidding about that.)

Anyway, there are a few changes going on in my life right now. I've talked a bit about the fact that I just got a new job. Well, yesterday I got a phone call from the HR office at my new job (it is at a college) and they asked if I would like to interview for a job in the same office, just higher up the totem pole. Evidently the director saw my resume and would like for me to. I would interview the Friday before starting my new job on Monday. I thought about it a bit, and then said "Sure!" First off, it is flattering that they would even ask. Second off, the job I would be interviewing for is MONEY. I mean, not CEO style wages, but for working in the college and university system, it ain't shabby. So I'm feeling good about myself. I'm feeling more and more the way I thought I would feel when I was in college and thought about myself becoming a Successful Grown-up. Everybody say "Tax Exemption!" "Free-form jazz!"

Maybe this confidence is bleeding over to other aspects in my life too because all of a sudden, I have the nearly overwhelming desire to change up my hairstyle. I am thinking of going with something like this:

Blunt bangs and loose waves. I'm thinking more Leighton than Kim, but even that is only a close approximation of what I want. I think I want the bangs to be a bit blunter. Actually, the best picture I found this morning was a picture of Selena Gomez but I absolutely refuse to say I want Selena Gomez's hair. I feel like I should be tutoring her for the SAT's, not stealing beauty tips from her. Plus, I can only imagine Gabby's face if I were to say, "Mommy got her hair cut just like Selena Gomez!" Oh well.

Every time I have gone to the hairdresser and asked for blunt bangs, they have told me I would regret it. But I REALLY WANT IT. Like I've wanted it for a while now, but now I'm getting all three-year-old-in-Toys-R-Us-on-a-Coke-bender about it. I.WANT.IT.NOW. And I don't care what anyone says.

Well, ok, I do care, or else I wouldn't be posting this. What say you, oh 4 readers? Should I go for it? Should I wait until after the interview for this other job (which is next Friday) and then go for it (if I got it before the interview, I would pull my hair back in a classy ponytail so it is not all loose and wild for the interview--I'm not stupid)? Or should I just get it like now? RIGHTTHISVERYSECOND? And while I'm at it, should I color my hair? I'm thinking darker. Not much darker. Just a bit.

So weigh in. And tell your friends to come weigh in. Because if we can't trust random strangers on the internet to tell us what to do with our hair, who can we trust? NO ONE, I TELL YOU.


  1. Go for it, girl. It's only hair, after grows back. Color it, too! I've kind of been wanting to do that myself, as the grays are arriving more and more every day. (Yikes!) I haven't colored my hair in five years and I think I want to do something extreme, like burgundy or a blue streak or something. Hmmm...

    I LURVES Selena Gomez. I want to be 15 again and have her be my BFF and go shopping with her. (Yep, grad school's got me kind of regressing and wishing things could be more simple, like they were in my teen years. Plus I'm addicted to WoWP.) I even want to buy her clothes from KMart. That...can't be a good thing for a thirtysomething chica, can it? ;-P

  2. I agree - GO FOR IT. It grows back AND it will provide you with some wonderful blogging fodder for us to read about. :)

  3. Try it out and see. I love bangs, but they're not for me. They look really cute on me for the first 30 minutes or so after they're styled, but quickly become greasy. This has always baffled me, as my face doesn't really look or feel greasy, nor does my hair - something about my bangs must just suck up sebum that doesn't cause other problems.

  4. You scare me, you really do. I took the same pic of Leighton to my hairdresser saying I wanted long wavy hair and blunt bangs and she talked me out of it, saying my face it too round.

    Your face isn't too round - do it! Do it for the two of us!