Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Blech. I feel icky today. A big part of me wants to go lay down somewhere, and since I am at home, I should definitely do that. But first, I will tell you what I did this weekend, because I know you are on pins and needles just waiting. Calm down, gentle reader! Here goes...

On Friday night, I took Gabby to a high school football game. I had promised that I would take her and a friend to one a long time ago, and this one was especially big since it was against the school's biggest rival. I should note that this is my high school alma mater that we were seeing, so, by extension, the biggest rival when I was in school. So I may have had some vested interest in wanting to see this game and to see the other team go down in a big flaming ball of fury. I called a friend who regularly attends the games, and she saved me a seat. We got to sit and talk and catch up and laugh, which was awesome as well. The game was definitely a good one, with our team losing in the second overtime by 1 point. Heartbreaking, ya'll. I found Gabby after the game and she didn't know who had won or what the score was. Turns out there had been all this drama between two of her friends so now there are two distinct sects of sixth grade girls who are at war. North vs. South, Yankees vs. Red Sox, Democrats vs. Republicans...all of these pale in comparison to this particular pre-teen spat. At least, that's the impression one would get after talking to Gabby for 5 minutes. We made it back to the car and then I came home and watched a bit of TV before going to bed.

I should note that I was ridiculously overdressed for such an event in Loft Modern Skinnies, and a Loft cami and v-neck cardigan (I did wear a berry cardigan since our school color is purple), and my Merona riding boots. I topped all this with a trench coat from H&M. It was a sea of purple hoodies, ya'll, and I sort of stuck out like a sore thumb. Sigh. I did see a guy who had graduated a year ahead of me and he commented that I looked better now than I did in high school. This comment would make my life, BUT he had the tell-tale facial scabs and tooth decay of a meth addict. So, yeah, not sure how much stock I want to put in his excellent analysis. Sigh.

The next morning I got up early and took Gabby (and a trunk load full of old clothes) to an indoor yard sale fundraiser for her cheerleading squad. This was actually a lot of work. Because I had not priced my items beforehand (naughty, naughty), I stopped at the dollar store and bought some sharpies and some labels to price them when I got there. After I got all of my items priced, I ended up pricing a lot of other people's because I had the supplies. That will teach me to do everything well ahead of time. I stayed all day with Gabby, only going home in the middle of the day to get Alice who enjoyed breaking out her new walking skillz on the school stage. We came home at 3:00, and Alice and I took a quick nap. Then I straightened up the house a little, ordered a pizza and then got into the car again (!) and drove Gabby to cheer at a football game in another town. The whole family was going to go, but it was a cold night, so Matt stayed home with Alice and Sam. My grandmother came to the game and thankfully brought some nice thick blankets and some vanilla wafers which we had with concession stand hot cocoa. Gabby's team ended up losing 55-0. They got one first down the entire game, and the other team scored on 4 straight punt returns. If you are not a football fan yourself, here's a hint: that sucks. Bad. It was a pretty miserable experience, actually. However, the cheerleaders did a nice job and broke out a new pyramid. Yea!

After the game, I drove us home and serenaded Gabby with the 90's on 9 channel. I still remember every word of Salt n Pepa's Shoop which pleased me beyond belief. It also disturbed me beyond belief that the song came out when I was 10 years old and that I knew the words then too. If my daughter was singing a song like thank you. We also heard Name by the Goo Goo Dolls, which at one time was my favorite song. I told this to Gabby and she goes, "This sounds like The Fray for old people. And it is even worse than The Fray, which I really didn't think was possible." Thanks, Gab. I started laughing though, because, really I think she's right. Except about them being worse than The Fray. Let's not get crazy here.

On Sunday I woke up kind of sick. I had tummy issues and my allergies were acting up. Alice also had tummy issues, which is not great, considering I had to get up and wash more diapers, ifyouknowwhatImean. I was planning on not doing anything all day, but this just reinforced that idea. I did bake Sam a pumpkin pie because I had promised him one for his birthday (the kid is obsessed with pumpkin pie). Then, since it was the last day of the regular season, I watched baseball. Lots and lots of baseball. I was thrilled to see the Braves win (I was a Braves fan growing up and kind of love Bobby Cox like he's my grandpa), and of course happy to see my A's end up at .500 and in second place in the division. 2011 looks bright, ya'll. I was not so thrilled to see the no-good, very-bad San Francisco Giants come up with a win. Grumble. Oh well. Here's hoping they get pwned in the postseason. After all that, I made chili and biscuits for dinner. I lightened it up a little with extra lean ground beef (I used a little over two pounds instead of three and added an extra can of beans), light butter and sour cream, and awesome Cabot 50% reduced fat extra sharp cheese. I had been a good girl all day so I didn't worry with the points so much, but at some point I'll figure it up and see exactly how much it was. I topped my chili with lots of jalapenos for some extra spice and no points. Then we all had pumpkin pie (which was easy for me not to overindulge in, since I don't like it that much), and got the kids to bed. I ended up going to bed early.

This morning, I stayed home since I'm still feeling a bit icky and have a killer sore throat AND I have that interview this afternoon. I have been looking at my daughter's friends Facebook pages and trying to put together who "likes" who and that kind of thing. Yup, totally stalking a bunch of 11 year olds. I should point out that I haven't turned up any real relevations except that all of them should be stoned for crimes against the English language. Good lord, children. My eyes bleed.

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