Monday, October 25, 2010

Meal Planning for a New Life

So I am home from my first day of full-time work in a while. I am actually a lot more tired than I expected, but I feel good. I pretty much did nothing today--just enjoyed my new office and read a couple of manuals and walked around and met people. I wore heels and just generally felt good about myself.

Then I came home. At first I was overwhelmed. Alice wanted to nurse like crazy and was waiting at the door when I walked in. She got all happy when she saw me and started to jump up and down and when I picked her up, she hugged me and then clawed at my shirt like some sort of ravenous wolverine. Thanks, Alice. I nursed her and then Matt came home and I talked to him and then I realized...Sam was starved. It was already time to fix dinner. That came a lot quicker than it usually does!

I was more thankful for my plan today than any other day in recent memory. Here is what I did this weekend:

Sunday: chicken and dumplings, mashed potatoes, honey glazed carrots
Monday: pasta alfredo with broccoli and balsamic mushrooms (had this been last week, I would have made some bread to go with this. I hope I get to the point that I am comfortable doing that in my new life as well. And note that I made this with half and half instead of heavy cream and whole grain pasta. It was a-maz-ing.)
Tuesday: Indian butter chicken with basmati rice and (probably) steamed green beans
Wednesday: manicotti primavera with bread that I'll pick up from Kroger's that day
Thursday: frozen dinners/leftovers (we'll be eating in shifts this night as Gabby has show team and Sam has Cub scouts, so best just to admit defeat in advance)
Friday: Mexican food from the restaurant down the hill post costume party!
Saturday: Halloween dinner TBA
Breakfasts: Cocoa Puffs (for Sam), Special K (with real strawberries and blueberries for Matt) and apple pie oatmeal for the girls and myself
Treats: Pumpkin Creme Pies and brownies (and I'll just tell you--if you check back onto one of these lists in 28 days or so, you'll see that I will also be baking brownies then too). I'll be taking these into the office and packing them in lunches to make my habit more figure friendly.

So yes, I should have done this yesterday, and in the future, I'll plan for that. But what say you, oh fearless readers? What have you planned for this week? Anything awesome? And feel free to post "I am going to stand over my sink eating Lean Cuisines all week." Because that is fine too!

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