Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wear Your Purple!

I am wearing my purple today--I actually was shocked when I got to the closet this morning and realized how much purple I own. I like the color, but I didn't realize that I liked it *that* much.

I am wearing purple, not because I am a member of the LGBTQ movement, but because I have three kids. And as a Mom, I love my kids. Like crazy. And I would love them, no matter who they love or choose to spend their lives with. I want all of my children to grow up happy with who they are and with their community. I want for all of them to have the opportunity to marry who they can't imagine living without, to experience the excitement of walking down any street, holding hands with that special person with no worries about who might see. And more than anything, I want them be able to enjoy life, unafraid of what others with narrow and insensitive minds might say or do.

So wear your purple, but also talk to your kids. Someone else's kids. Any kids. Let them know that you love and respect them. Because we all deserve it.

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