Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up: The One In Which I Buy a Pair of Jeggings

This is probably going to be rather long, because I actually did stuff this weekend. Probably to make up for my utter lack of ANYTHING last weekend. Plus, my daughter had her last football game and it was homecoming, so you'll get to hear all about my little baby growing up and getting her first wrist corsage (from a boy!). So be prepared. Get out your hankies and your credit cards, folks. It's gonna be a bumpy ride.

On Friday, the kids got out half a day of school, and since I am now one of those employees who puts in their two weeks notice and then becomes wretched and horrible (but with the good graces of my boss who said, "If I were you, I'd just take a little break."--boy what a mistake that was!), I stayed home with Big Al. I cleaned a bit, and put dinner in the slow cooker (the only change I made was by making up my own taco seasoning with my own spices--the packaged kind has a ton of sodium) and gave Alice the first of her three baths on the day. Yup, homegirl is at that messy stage. In the afternoon, I got Gabby ready for the Homecoming parade because the cheerleaders were going to be riding on the back of a truck and smiling and waving and whatever. Matt got home just in time to watch Sam, and so I took the girls to the parade. When we got there, I helped Gabby settle in, and then walked down the block to get a good viewing spot. A woman walked over and introduced herself and told me that it was her son who was going to be escorting Gabby the next night on the field for homecoming. I knew who she was, but had never really talked to her because they are recent transplants to the area. We talked a bit, and she ended up telling me that her son had bought Gabby a corsage to wear, even though the league was going to be giving the girls flowers. He, evidently, wanted her to have something special. His mom said that he actually wanted to buy her a bunch of roses, but his mom talked him down to the corsage. Oooooohhh kay. She also said that she had wanted to ask me if it would be ok for him to buy the corsage, but her son had not wanted her to mention it to me because I was "really strict" and "like a lawyer or something" and that I might sue him if I thought he was getting to close to my daughter. Besides the no-cell-phone and bedtime policies, I have no idea why these kids think I'm so mean. I have to admit though: it tickled me. I'm going to start calling myself Attila the Mom. I hinted around with Gabby about the whole thing on the way home, and she said that she liked him "as a friend" and that he was funny and smart. I told Matt about it over burritos, and he looked like he'd been beat repeatedly with a blunt object. Because of the promise of what was going to happen the next night, we made an easy night of it: watched a bit of baseball, ate some Weight Watchers brownies and enjoyed ourselves.

On Saturday, my mom arrived home on a trip from Memphis. Sam was chomping at the bit because she had told him that she was bringing belated birthday presents with her, so the kids and I got ready early and went to my grandmom's to see her. The kids had a good time playing, and since Sam got some birthday cash as well, we went to our favorite drive-thru and then to Target. The kids bought some things, and I loaded up on a few tubes of my favorite lip gloss (seriously, ya'll, at some point in my life I'm sure I've purchased every color of this gloss. I bought three on Saturday to outfit my new desk). I had to get back early to sell tickets at the football game, so we came on back to my grandmom's. Al and I came home, but the kids stayed so that my grandmother could pump them full of Southern food, and probably shorten their lives by about 5 years. I'm living on borrowed time at this point, having eaten her cooking for as long as I have. My mom fixed Gabby's hair for her and cojoled her into wearing lipgloss and blush.

I sold tickets at the game which included the following things: getting almost picked up by a 60 year old toothless man, having smoke blown on me by my fellow ticket seller, and listening to some of the most inane, irritating conversations I have ever heard. Yeah, it sucked. Gabby's escort came through the gate while I was there, and pulled out the corsage to show me. His hands were shaking, so he dropped it. Fear, ya'll. I inspire it. I told him it was beautiful, and thanked him for buying it for her. He turned purple and stammered something that I didn't understand. When my replacement got there, I drove home quickly changed into my wooly J. Crew Nonno cardigan (from last year) and a pashmina, layered wooly socks under my boots and picked up Alice and Matt and returned to the game. It got pretty cold, but we all had a good time watching the cheerleaders. My brother-in-law got some amazing pictures of the kids with his new camera (he just bought this camera, so I'm just waiting on him to determine that photography is his life's work and devote 96% of his time to posting arty pictures on Facebook) that I will post when he emails them to me. At half-time, Gabby was escorted on the field by her "friend" and they spent the next four minutes looking incredibly nervous and cold, although they seemed to be giggling together, which warmed my heart. I'm not usually the sentimental type, but it was awfully sweet, to see my baby out there, wearing her corsage. I almost shed a tear, but wiped it away because she had already told me that if I cried, she would "D-I-E." Matt spent the time looking like a crack addict from an old episode of Law and Order--twitching and pale and biting his lips a lot. Alice and I left after half-time because I didn't want her to be in the cold. We had a relatively quiet night, with more (tivoed) baseball and a lot of jokes about Tim Lincecum's hair.

On Sunday, Matt took the older kids to the circus. I was never allowed to go to the circus as a kid because my mom boycotted it (along with Nestle chocolate bars, Exxon gas, Calvin Klein jeans and assorted other things), but Matt evidently went every year, so it is a big deal for him. His aunt always gives the kids tickets (and I guess gave them to him when he was younger), so they all look forward to it--especially Sam, who has a mild elephant obsession. I took Al and my mom and I went shopping. I was supposed to be buying stuff for my new job, but I didn't succeed, although I did find some cute things. At JC Penney, my mom and I found some very cute sterling silver earrings for $8-$10 a pair (they had been $35, I think), so we got some, and I got a striped boatneck top (yeah, I know, more stripes...I may be obsessed, but this shirt fit really well, and I was thinking of wearing it with my Talbots trouser jeans, and I think I got the shirt for like $16 or something). We looked at bags at other stores, but I didn't buy anything because I want to think about it more--my mom found a really, really cute one. I did not buy a striped button front shirt and cardigan at American Eagle (although the 16 year old dressing room attendant, Jonathan, told me that it was "love-ly"), but now I kinda wish I had. I may go back for it. They had some cute jewelry I wish I had gotten too, but Alice had just thrown her mall cookie on the floor, and I got out quickly to go throw it away.

We then went to Old Navy, where I got...jeggings. Yes. I have complained a lot about jeggings--how that it is the stupidest word I've ever heard, how it is a repugnant idea, but well, you know. I tried them on, and found that I may love them. They are super comfortable, and fun to wear, and I just liked them. Pure and simple. A quick in store note though--the store I was at had absolutely no 6's in the black. I have no idea why. I tried on a 6 in the dark rinse, and it fit, but I put on an 8 in the black, and it was almost exactly the same. Maybe a tinge bigger in the waist, but really not even that noticable. But the 8's in blue were huge. I don't know--Old Navy jeans are truly unique. You have to try on every.single.pair. because they are never sized any thing close to consistently. So I got the black 8's. But, I will also note that they were $20 in store, which was cool. For $20 jeans, I don't mind to try on. I also got this cardigan, which reminds me of the J. Crew bling button one, except it has full-length sleeves. I also tried on this with the elastic waist jeggings and holy crap. It was bad. Like I-am-so-going-to-get-an-Orange-Julius-after-I-buy-my-GNR-cassette bad. I actually laughed out loud. So, you know, be careful out there. This jegging thing is great, but it can get bad in a hurry.

At Target, I got this, which I actually adored, and cannot wait to break out to wear to a corn maze/pumpkin patch this weekend. I also got these, which I fully promise to never tuck a shirt into EVER. Seriously, Target. These pants are super cute and comfortable. Do them justice and actually take a picture of them that looks alluring. That is horrible. I also promise to always wear them with boots. Jesus. My mom and I also bought Alice some new togs and some hair products and some pillows and a candle and some Boo Berry fruit roll ups for my kids. That's what I love about Target. I can get a truly awesome sweater, and then load up on pillows and Halloween themed food products. In the same store.

Anyway, this is ridiculously long. Sorry about that. I'll try to be less wordy this week. Full disclosure--I'm currently wearing the jeggings. I have it with my new purple cardi, the J. Crew rolling ruffles tank that I wear way, way too much, and my Gap silver city flats. And a pair of new earrings. I wore my hair wavy today (tousled with Herbal Essence Tousle Me Softly mousse) so that I can get ready for my hair appointment on Wednesday! Yea!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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