Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Usually when I write these wrap-ups, I have something vaguely interesting to talk about--a trip, a party, a particularly wretched Lifetime movie that I may have seen. This week, I got nada. I debated whether to even write it or not, but decided I should, lest you think life is always fun/entertaining/exciting in Casa PB & Ginger.

On Friday night, I made dinner in and we just hung out. Somewhere in the middle of all this, Alice got a fever. The fever, I think, was spurred by her teething (she just got two upper molars and is working on a couple of bottom teeth), as she had no other symptoms of anything. Anyway, this made for a rough night. Alice was up a lot, in that, she would fuss and moan in her sleep and I would nurse her to keep her from waking up. So she slept all night, and I got maybe 2 hours of sleep, none of it uninterrupted. When she finally fell asleep at around 8:00 am, I got up because Sam was up and wanted someone to hang out with. Why was he up, one wonders. Probably because I did something really, really awful last week that I needed to karmically pay for. I don't know what it was, but I'm sure it was really wretched of me. Anyway, Sam and I watch cartoons and eat cereal and then I take Gabby to her extra dance workshop. I also go to the drugstore in sweatpants and the shirt that I slept in to get Alice some Motrin. I normally avoid these kind of outings, but after the night that I had, I was in no mood for frivolities. And of course I see these three women who had daughters on Gabby's softball team, standing outside selling hot dogs for some kind of fundraiser. And I have to talk to them. In my sweatpants. Who buys chili cheese nachos at 9:30 in the morning? But I digress...

I spend the rest of the day begging, cojoling, and pleading with Alice to take a nap, which she never really does. I manage to fall asleep for about 30 minutes while watching The Next Iron Chef which is what was on (and I was too lazy to switch off of) after I said, "I don't care what she does! I'm going to go watch Barefoot Contessa. DON'T BOTHER ME." Told you I was in a charming mood. The Barefoot Contessa, though, as you may or may not know, has major restorative and soothing properties. She is the lavender of the TV chef world. They should show her to felons when they are thinking of committing a crime, because I'm sure they would all be like, "Um, no, I think I'll just sit right here and make this truffled mac and cheese. Who needs an extra Escalade anyway? Not this guy."

Thankfully, I had put dinner in the slow cooker so I didn't have to go, you know, shank somebody to get food. I sit down and watch some baseball, which is just what I needed to do. I'm getting nice and mad because the Tampa Bay Rays have decided not to show up to play when I have to get up and take Gabby to her football game to cheer. Matt stays home with Sam and Alice, since Alice is still hyped up on Motrin and we don't want her to get sicker. For the only time this weekend, I wore something without an elastic waistband! For those keeping score, I wore Gap Long and Leans (the size 4's are once again feeling comfy--thank you WW!), the J. Crew rolling ruffles tank in charcoal and over top a J. Crew purple merino v-neck which I somehow successfully shrunk and now fits me again even though it is an XL. Don't ask me how--I couldn't tell you. Luck? I also wore Earth shoes because I needed to burn extra calories. That's how I roll. I also wear earrings and make-up. OMG.

The football game is a roaring success. We score 24 points. We do lose, but hey, 24 points is like a freakin' ton compared to what we normally do. The cheerleaders are happy and optimistic and do a dance to Tony Basil's Mickey during halftime. Gabby is not amused by the music and says it sounds "Way old." There is major intrigue in the stands when it is uncovered that the boy running the ball for the other team (and the only player who scores for them, ever) is a) too heavy to run the ball because evidently there is a weight limit and b) plays JV ball. People are incensed. He does look a little old. Especially when the kid running the ball on our team is smaller than my daughter. Who wears a size 12 slim in girls pants. I play with my phone and get excited when Matt calls and tells me that the Rays are in fact now beating the Rangers. When I get home, I do a whole lotta nothing because I'm still really tired. Alice stays up until 12:00 or so (when that kid gets revved up, she gets revved up). Then we fall asleep in a big heap on the bed.

I'll just tell you: on Sunday, I did nothing but watch baseball. Alice napped on my lap and my other children amused themselves building nuclear reactors or plotting world domination or converting their bedrooms into spaceships. I don't really know--they were quiet, so I didn't chance it by asking. Well, I take that back--I did fix breakfast, even though I hate making breakfast with a purple passion, and I made these which were delicious. A side note: how did pumpkin get into EVERYTHING? When I was a kid, people ate pumpkin pie. That's it. My mom made pumpkin cake rolls, which were exotic, and kind of like "her thing." But now you can get pumpkin coffee, pumpkin doughnuts, pumpkin bagels (which I am totally making this week), pumpkin ravioli, EVERYTHING. I blame Starbucks. But really, why blame anyone, because pumpkin is delicious. I'm on the pumpkin train, ya'll. Somebody stop me before I start making pumpkin...hmm...I am trying to think of something that would be really nasty in a pumpkin incarnation....but I can't really think of anything! It all sounds delicious! PUMPKIN!

At any rate, Matt and I got sick of seeing the Phillies beat up on the Reds and decided to watch our first horror flick of the year. We used to watch a horror movie every night in October to get ready for Halloween, but we started running out of movies, since I absolutely refuse to watch anything that I call "torture porn" which is basically every "horror" movie that has been released since 2006. We are digging deep this year, though. Last night, we watched Suspiria, which was this Italian horror movie (in English) set in Germany about witches, made in like 1977. It definitely wins the award for creepiest soundtrack ever. Seriously. And it had one of the absolute nastiest things I've seen in a movie--maggots. Lots and lots of maggots falling from a ceiling. Gross. But overall, not bad at all, if you like slightly campy scary movies.

So that's that. How did I manage to write all that about a weekend where I did NOTHING? That's talent. Or hubris. I'll let you decide. If you glean anything from this though, go make those pumpkin biscuits. They are very, very awesome. Unlike my weekend.


  1. I always liked Suspiria, but I have to admit that I still don't quite get it. At any rate, it still boasts a creepy soundtrack, like you said, and a truly unsettling feeling throughout. I love horror! I'd like to read a good but short horror novel since it's October...know of any? I was considering Jade Green, which is young adult fiction so I figured it might be relatively short.

  2. I actually don't know of anything. When I'm looking for something creepy, I read some kind of true crime something...I'm reading Helter Skelter this October. The most freaked out I've made myself is with In Cold Blood--Matt was out for the night one October and I was reading that, and I was seriously scared out of my mind.

    Suspiria was awesome visually--reminded me a lot of something like The Shining. Very unsettling. It is awesome that you like horror--usually when I tell people that I love a good scary movie, they think I mean something like all the Saw rehashes, which is not the case. Very cool, very cool.