Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up: Haunted Edition

Note: This is an awful picture of me and Matt isn't even looking at the camera, but it is the only picture I have of all of us together looking spooky.

So this weekend was Halloween and we were tres busy as should come as no surprise for any one with a family living in America around the time of October 31st. Halloween is my son's favorite holiday, so there is a lot of pressure to make it awesome. I think we more than succeeded this year.

On Friday, I took the kids to a party that a family we are friends with hosts every year. They go ALL OUT ya'll. This year, they had a realistic dummy-Frankenstein laying under a sheet when the kids walked in that was hooked up to this machine. They also had music and nachos--the whole bit. Sam amused himself chasing everyone with his sword (he was a zombie ninja), Gabby amused herself sitting with the other tweens in the back (where they kept the lights off and did God only knows what) and Alice just walked around and smiled and giggled and just generally made everyone's night. We had a good time talking and playing and then came home and the kids went to bed. Matt and I watched another Dario Argento movie and then Zombieland. Bill Murray made my night.

On Saturday, I got up early and went grocery shopping. When I returned with my huge, huge amount of food, the kids settled down to carve pumpkins. They were really intricate this year--Gabby has this cartoon character that she draws and writes comics about, so she wanted that on a pumpkin. I laughed at the mere idea and retreated to the kitchen to roast pumpkin seeds, make trail mix and prepare apple cider doughnuts. Matt went on with it, and ended up making two very interesting, eerie pumpkins. The kids were ecstatic and Matt was (very rightfully) proud of himself. We then went out trick or treating. We were able to get through two subdivisions and garner enough candy to break two bags before the kids got tired and cold. We then went home and all of us watched Night of the Living Dead (the original black and white one) before collapsing into bed. Sam was proud of himself for watching his first scary movie and not getting scared once. They're coming for you, Barbara!!!

On Sunday, we were set for some sort of a lazy day, but Halloween had other plans. I made pumpkin waffles, and then my grandmother called and asked me to go ahead and bring the kids down so that her sister could see them in their finery. I rushed around and took them and they trick or treated a bit at the farms around my grandmother's house. We then came home and I gave Alice a quick nap while preparing our roast chicken. We ate greedily and happily (as we always do when roast chicken is involved), picking the poor desiccated carcass of the bird until it was clean and there was no hope of doing anything but making stock. Then we took the kids out one last time to visit other family members and get more treats. We had a great time talking and catching up with family and I even got some treats--a big bag of GA pecans for my holiday baking and three jars of local honey that my husband's aunt and uncle process themselves! I was super jazzed. At both my dad's and in-law's house, the kids were given full-on gift bags full of candy and Silly String and money. Trick or treating is good business now, ya'll! We came home, high on sugar and happiness and put the kids to bed. Then Matt and I watched A Nightmare on Elm Street, which I had somehow (shockingly) avoided seeing for my entire life.

However, we STILL have stuff to do tonight because we just couldn't get it all done. Gabby is wanting to watch Halloween with us, so we are going to watch that tonight, and I am going to make the caramel corn and truffles that I didn't get to make over the weekend. I have avoided a large amount of the sugar (only stealing a few gummy bears last night and taking the refused boxes of Nerds that none of my children like), so I am making the truffles for some gifts and I am definitely going to sneak a couple! It is my reward for not eating the super sweet candy that is so prevalent in our house right now. Bittersweet much better than the spoils of trick or treating!

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