Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First Post from My New Office (and WW Wednesday)

I am posting from my desk in my brand new office on my brand new computer! Yea! To be completely honest, this is the first time in my life that I have had my own office. At my first real job post-college, my desk was in a common area in front of my boss's office (I was an executive assistant) and when I moved on, I was at a small tutoring office and had a small desk in a common area and then was on the road a lot working out of my car. At my most recent job, it was even worse. I worked out of the school's library and contained all my stuff (including breast pump) in a Puma gym bag. Now, I have a private office with lots of room for pictures of the kids, my Mark Ellis bobblehead, and the beautiful matroyshka that Matt brought me back from Russia the first time he went. I am still looking for ways to jazz it up a bit. If anyone has any great office decorating ideas, let me know!

The other thing that I am requesting help with is FOOD. On my first day, I was telling some of the ladies that I work with that I am trying to lose weight with WW and hoped that having the new job and new schedule would inspire me to watch my food intake a bit more. They laughed at me and said that this office is some sort of a magnet for bad food. I was a bit chagrinned, but decided to hang tough, packing my lunch happily. But then yesterday, we had pizza for lunch while watching the IT guys work their magic on my work station. And it was GOOD pizza on a perfect chewy crust. So I may have eaten three slices.

And then this morning, I ate my regular oatmeal, but forgot my apple on the dining room table. And my water. I thought I could do without it. But then my stomach started really, really growling. So I got up and went to the vending machine. There is absolutely no even halfway healthy snacks in there. Nothing! I ended up getting some cheddar and sour cream Baked Lays, which were pretty good, but really, really salty. Anyway, I really want to get some good snacks that are healthy and that I can keep in my desk for when the mood/need strikes. So nothing perishable or that I have to prepare. But I don't want things that are full of preservatives or are generally icky. Any suggestions? Please share--I really, really need the help.

I should note that I still haven't changed the batteries in my scale. It has been a crazy, crazy week, let me tell you. But I reminded my husband to buy the batteries this morning, and hopefully he will remember!

Hope everyone is having a great day!


  1. My office is constantly full of bad food. I just don't eat it, period. Making it not even remotely an option to have the pizza, brownies, banana bread, cookies, fudge and other magical goodies the talented cooks in my office bring leaves me with no tough choices.

    Almonds are a great thing to keep on hand for a healthy snack. I think something like 22 almonds is about 140 calories, but due to the good fat and protein in them, they're crazy filling!

    Also, frozen fruit is good to snack on at your desk. Freezing it makes it harder work to eat, which seems to make me eat less. I like frozen grapes and frozen banana slices. Dusting banana slices with cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice really jazzes them up.

  2. I am so going to freeze some bananas tonight and try this. Yum. Thank you so much!

  3. Frozen grapes are fantastic, like little pods of sorbet. In my office drawer I have an apple (they keep far longer than most fruit), Jolly Time's 1 pt/serving popcorn and the chocolate chip Fiber One bars which are 2 pts each. Also each Monday I *try* to bring in a week's worth of frozen lunches so I don't have to remember every single morning. I never take home my coffee or water bottles, wash them at work so I can't forget them at home. And I also bring my own creamer, put my initials on it and keep in the fridge. If others use it, it's fine but it's better than the powdered nastiness my office provides.