Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Target Finds

As everyone who has ever known me would tell you, I absolutely adore Target. It is the only store in the known universe that I can take every member of my family to and find something for each of them. It is also the only store I can take them to without someone having a problem with it. Plus, the stores are clean, the associates are helpful (for the most part), the goods are quality (again, for the most part) and the prices are low. Target is 99% perfect.

It is also no lie that I find a lot of clothes at Target. In fact, I am semi obsessed with trying stuff on there and unearthing that next find. More than that, it is the store that I run to when I have to have something for an event--something that I might not wear that much in the long run, but that I need and for a cheap price. That is why I went there on Friday. I needed something to wear to my second interview, something that I could wear with trousers or a pencil skirt. I tried on a few things, but ended up going with this simple shirt. This, my friends, is a revelation. I haven't owned a button up shirt probably since I was in high school. They just don't flatter me that much with my big boobs and short waist. Heck, most of them won't even button over the ta-ta's. But this shirt...it worked. It buttoned and still fit and flattered. It was long enough to be tucked into a pencil skirt, but short enough to be left out with trousers. The fabric was comfortable and not cheap looking--no tell-tell shininess, no embellishments that would have cheapened it. Plus the neckline is open a bit, so pairing it with a necklace is easy and fun. I would have bought a white one, but they didn't have it in my size.

I ended up pairing the shirt with Gap black modern boot trousers (yes, all black), a skinny leopard print belt, a short necklace made of lots of green seed beads, and black patent high heeled Mary Janes. I wore my H&M trench on the top and Clinique Black Honey lipgloss. I thought it looked very nice, and in fact, the interviewer complimented me on the outfit. So it served that need. But now that I have it in my wardrobe, I keep thinking of other outfits that I could pair this shirt with. Plus, for $18 (I paid $15 because it was on sale last week), I can get another one if all those outfits do come to fruition. Overall, this is a great buy, and I would encourage you to go try one of these shirts.

Another thing to go look for are these lovely boots:

I actually bought these boots a while ago, but I have just now gotten to wear them because the weather has just now gotten cold enough. I bought these boots because I spend at least 75% of the winter wearing boots, and all of my extended calf boots are now too big and were sold at my daughter's yard sale last weekend. I want to get some super nice ones (real leather, timeless style), but I haven't found the perfect pair yet, and when I do, I think I want those to be brown leather. So I decided to get these to wear until I find the perfect boots and to serve as my black pair once I do finally find the others. These fill that need perfectly. For one thing, because they are relatively simple, with no heinous embellishments, they look expensive. For the other thing, they are truly superbly comfortable. The whole back of the boot is a stretchy elastic stuff that makes them very wearable, no matter what you are pairing them with. I wore them with two different kinds of skinny jeans, some that are not as super skinny (the Loft Modern Skinnies) and a another pair that is thicker denim and is super skinny (Gap Forevers) as well as just with socks and a skirt. They are fine--not too loose when worn alone but not too tight with the jeans. Plus, they are warm. And they don't dig into your leg--I wore them all day on Saturday (to the yard sale and then to the football game) and I went home with toasty, happy feet. I would encourage everyone to go try them on--even if you have wide calves. Because of the elastic, I think you could get away with a lot.

Just typing all this makes me want to go back to Target today and see what else I can find! I do need some shampoo....and some dishwashing liquid...hmmmm......

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