Thursday, September 16, 2010

Winner Winner Roast Chicken Dinner!

I was just notified that I won the jeans and Talbots gift card from Gigi's awesome contest at Gigi's Gone Shopping! YEA! As you can tell, I'm kind of excited. I don't win many things un-elementary school related. In elementary school, I was crazy--I won every science fair, essay contest, whatever. Who woulda thought that those would have been the halcyon days of Morgan winning stuff? I sure wouldn't have. I mean, I turned 12, and there went all my luck. In fact, here is all I have won since:

1. A limo ride to the prom that I won via an essay contest sponsored by a funeral home. I wrote a really horrible essay where a girl gets knocked up on prom night only to see her love get killed because he...wait for it...drank one beer and then drove. DRINKING IS BAD. I could have done the world a favor by just writing that right there and leaving out the theatrics.

2. A $26 door prize when going to see The Princess Bride at W&M. I used it to buy groceries.

3. A Baby Bjorn baby carrier for writing a story about my son peeing in his toy box. Repeatedly. I would have given up the baby carrier for him not to have done that.

ANYWAY, I am so excited. I want these lovelies....

Will they replace my size 14 J. Crew Holy Denim Trousers that I loved more than life itself and only stopped wearing when my husband walked in the bathroom after I put them on one day, took one glance at me and then said "Why are you wearing a diaper?"? Only time will tell. I loved those pants...but my heart is big enough to accept another pair. And I'm thinking of using the gift card toward the purchase of a coat. I need a new coat this year. Or, I will just use it on a sweater. Because, as we all know, Morgan can't resist a cute sweater. Or really, let's just be honest here, a cute anything.

So, thanks Gigi and thanks everyone who read the entry! I'll stop the self congratulations now before it just gets really obscene.

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