Thursday, September 23, 2010


Have you ever heard about that Texas cheerleader mom who paid for a hit on a rival cheerleader mom and daughter? She really, really wanted her daughter to be a cheerleader, so she thought that she would eliminate the competition.

I totally am not going to do that to my fellow competitors in the Talbot's Denim competition. As some of you may know, I have a near Spencer-Reed-like ability for remembering odd factoids from old shows hosted by Bill Kurtis. I just randomly thought of that lady because if memory serves me right, she bought pencils for her daughters classmates that said "Vote for my daughter!" or something. And I kinda wish my mom had some pencils to hand out. Because I want you all to vote for me. As many times as humanly possible.

Because I want a coat. A new winter coat. Or a trench coat. Or a one shouldered LBD. And also, I want to WIN. Because winning is good.

Here is the link to go vote. Obviously, I am Southern Belle. I truly appreciate you taking time out to vote for me.

I am thinking of taking a picture of my kids everyday making sad eyes to remind folks to vote for me. Would that be exploitative? Probably.

Anyway, VOTE FOR ME!!! YEA!!!

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