Thursday, September 23, 2010

Debby Downer

This week has sucked. Like major, no holds barred, BLOWN. My husband is waiting to hear from his company because he may have a promotion, which would be AWESOME, but he hasn't heard from them and the waiting is sucking for all of us, there is drama at my daughter's dance studio, Sam is having a birthday party on Saturday that hasn't been properly planned for, I want an intravenous drip of chocolate and have yet to get one, etc, etc. I thought about posting something jolly today, about the new make-up that I have, but I'm not in the mood. So I am going to post about things that I dislike. Because when life gives you lemons, you should let them go rotten and then complain about it. On the internet.

1. I hate Farmville updates. And I hate when people post status messages and say "I need this for my farm," and I start thinking "Do they really own a farm? Can I buy some eggs?" and then I realize that it is for Farmville. I don't care what you need for your fictional electronic farm. Why don't you just send a message to the other people you know who play Farmville? Geez.

2. Alice has learned to remove her BumGenius's. I was going to send them to be converted to snaps, but that was going to be a huge production, so I started putting onesies and things over them at all times to keep her hands off of them. Then she started pulling them off through the onesie. Now, she has started pulling them off JUST to pee in the floor. I wish I were kidding. A couple of times, I have seen her take them off and have run her to the bathroom, but she ends up peeing on my leg as I run. And she laughs about it. I am starting to think she is an Evil Genius. She is potty training herself at 12 months, just to make my life a living hell. Thanks, Alice. Remind me buy you something really heinous to wear for school pictures when you are about 10. Just for this, I'm also going to refuse to cut the crust off of your sandwiches. So there. Pull it off again, sister. Let's see what else I can get out of.

3. I hate how anyone who can pony up for a fancy camera fancies themselves some kind of photographer. Um, that is an art form folks. Setting up some kind of "fall scene" in your unfinished basement and shooting pictures of your kids trying to eat fake leaves does not equal art. Nor does constantly sending me Facebook messages telling me that I can bring my kids to a local hiking trail and you will take pictures of them "professionaly." Oh, ok, sure. Tell you what: my 6 year old will teach you how to spell in exchange for some pictures that I could take myself. Cool? Thanks.

4. I hate that the ball just fell out of my mouse. WTF? When I was in high school, people used to steal the mouse balls just to throw at other people. Now, I'm pretty sure someone has been in here, taking out the mouse ball and hiding meth up in the mouse. Great. My mouse is a drug mule. The times they are a-changin'.

5. And finally, I hate that the high temperature is 91 today. 91. And it is September. Granted, it is cool this morning, and I'm sure it will be tonight. But in the middle of the day, it will be melt-your-face-off hot. And I'm stuck wearing the same old things because I don't want to get my new stuff all sweaty. Sigh. Sometimes I hate VA.

Stay tuned--I promise to be a bit more...sunny in future posts. Plus, at some point today, the voting will go live for the Talbots contest that I'm still involved in, and I would appreciate any votes! I will post the link on here when voting starts. Until then, Happy Thursday!


  1. I almost wrote a post like this earlier this week and the issue with the so-called photographers was on it. I HATE HATE HATE anyone that has a Rebel or a copy of Photoshop thinks they are a photographer. Annoys me to no end.

    Emerson hasn't gotten into the diaper removal thing except when napping. Then I have to straightjacket her to not have her end up naked - she'll even get the snaps off if she has enough time or desire.

  2. One day when I rule the world, I am totally going to manufacture straight jackets for infants. That is the best idea ever.