Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Our weekend started early because the kids (and I) got out at noon on Friday. The kids went up to my mother in law's house for a while, and I went shopping for birthday party stuff. I was fully planning to find my son a Star Wars cake pan to make his cake. Yeah, that didn't happen. I ended up doing ok with what I had, but I was STRESSED THE EFF OUT. I finally came home (after spending way too much money and time) and cleaned and baked until I went to bed at midnight.

The next morning I cleaned and cooked more. The party was 12:00, so it was a mad dash to get everything done. However, when the kids and family members go to the house, thing went smoothly. You can read more about my son's birthday party in the following post if you are super interested. It was definitely a fun party. We ended up having guests until 4:30 or so. After that, I folded some laundry that I had done pre-party and then took Gabby to her ball game to cheer.

Now let me make a special note to all you parents out there: Try not to make an ass out of yourself at children's sporting events. Please? For me? The game was just all together uncomfortable. I happened to be sitting next to this real gem of a guy who just lost his ever loving mind on a kid who looked to be about 6-7 years old. Here's the thing guys--kids They are going to do some pretty crazy shit. And it is not going to make sense to you or me. Some of it will be pseudo-dangerous and the rest of it will just be insane. However, no matter what they do, it is not ok to get down and yell in their blubbering, sad little faces about what a disappointment they are. Especially when you are in public. Now, if you want to yell at your kids in private, ok, sure. That's not my choice in parenting, but whatevs. It is your kid. But in public? Come on, now. I'm pretty sure that that is how serial killers are made. In what possible universe can embarassing your child and making everyone else incredibly uncomfortable work as a discipline method? Yeah, there's not one. So, Football Game Douche, chill out. Maybe just sternly tell the kid what they are doing wrong, explain why it is wrong and then quietly tell them that you will talk about it later. They will get the message. And in 18 years, there won't be a Very Special Dateline about some kid who carves "I AM NOT A DISAPOINTMINT" into the backs of drifters, or at least, if there is, it won't be about your kid. Oh, and a note to the same family--it is September, folks. Let's maybe put shirts and shoes on our kids before they attend an outside function. Cool? Awesome.

*stepping off soap box*

Anyway, the game was wretched and awful. We lost 30-12 to the town's biggest rival. One mother almost got thrown out for yelling at the ref's. Sigh. I came home, ate some cake to assuage my nerves, watched some TV and went to bed.

On Sunday, it was rainy and gross outside. We stayed in during the morning. Alice and I catnapped and watched a truly awfully delicious Lifetime movie starring Hillary Swank as a rebellious teenager who swings a corded phone at her alcoholic mother and gets locked up for assault. After Alice got up from her nap, I took the girls and we went shopping. I had to get a blazer for a meeting I have later this week. We went to TJ Maxx and JESUS CHRIST ON A RUBBER CRUTCH! Now, I'm not what you would call a Maxxinista (or I haven't been in the past). I can pretty much count on my fingers the times that I've been in there even though I'm in that shopping center all the time to go to Target, Old Navy and PetSmart. It just seems like too much of a chore to go in and sift through the stuff looking for treasures. But I found SO MUCH STUFF. I ended up finding a Martin + Osa blazer for $20, a tweedy Calvin Klein dress with a studded belt for $50 and a pair of Enzo Angiolini peep toes in black suede for $30 (I have a pair exactly like those in orange croco and love them so you can imagine my happiness in finding the black ones). I was incredibly ecstatic. I am tempted to go back over there this afternoon without the girls (who were getting a bit restless) and see what other treasures I can turn up. I know they had some boots in the $70 range that looked nice, but I didn't really have the time to inspect them. And there was a London Times dress that I needed in the next size up that I didn't go back to look for but now think that I might be dreaming about it. There are a few trendy pieces I was thinking about looking for (military jacket--I have one that is a bit too baggy--fur vest, etc.) that would be cheaper there and probably cute. Anyway, it made my weekend. GET THEE TO A TJ MAXX!!! We then went to Target and I got some earrings and some socks for Alice and Gabby got a book. Gabby and I tried on some things, but no winners there. However, I only tried on two dresses and in one of them, someone had broken the zipper in the only one that was my size. Guess it just wasn't to be. We also did a quick walk through of Old Navy, but I had left Alice's stroller in the car and she was wiggly, so we didn't stay long. They looked to have some cute chunky cardigans if you are looking for that kind of thing. I might go back and look more if I go back today.

I stopped on the way home and got pizza and then we came home and I relaxed with some baseball and some magazines. All in all, it was a great weekend. Except for the fact that Alice is cutting not one, not two, NOT EVEN THREE, but FOUR teeth right now. Usually the only real way that you can tell that Al is teething is that she is up a lot to nurse during the night. So I'm pretty tired today (and my boobs are thinking of running off to join the circus), but I am wearing my Gap Modern Bootcut pants, and the twisted neck shell from Loft (no longer online) so at least I look cute. I would have worn the new dress and heels, but you should see the outside of my house--all rainy and muddy and blech. I didn't want to put my new shoes through that. So it is the old BR black slingbacks for today. They've lived through far worse!

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