Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gap Reviews--I've Got Your New Skinny Jeans Right Here

Do you want skinny jeans? Are you afraid that you can't pull them off? Well, have I got the pair for you. I recently ordered the above jeans, Gap Forever Skinny Jeans, and yes, they are awesome. They are more awesome than the Loft skinnies that I have worn for two years now. They are awesome. What makes them so awesome?
One word, ya'll: midrise.
Yes, you read these right. You will not flash your ass crack at passers by. These are midrise jeans. And they are also skinny. Didn't think that could happen? Yup. It can. And when it combines, it is like peanut butter and jelly. Dora and Boots. Method Laundry Detergent and Downy Spice Blossom Dare.
That said, these are incredibly skinny. I find the fit to be more like leggings (or...ick, jeggings--HATE that word) than like the Loft skinnies. I can't wait to tuck them into boots this fall (still a bit too warm for that here in VA). However, when I put them on and was thinking that they were, indeed, pretty slim, Matt walked in and goes, "Dude, those make your legs look incredibly skinny!" Now, in terms of clothes related compliments from my lovely husband, this is right up there. Usually, the best I can do is, "Uh, yeah, that looks nice" or "Sure, I like it. How much did it cost?" Boy just does not pay that much attention to clothing (which is probably the reason why his favorite shirt is a shirt with Kramer on it that was mangled by the drier when we were in college). So SCORE. Second jeans-related comment I've ever gotten from that man, so I'm happy. I love these pants.
A note about sizing: Gap jeans are really hit and miss with their sizes. I am pretty much a 6 in everything, but I wear a 4 ankle in my trusty Long and Leans, and I tried a 4 in the Sexy Bootcut in store (per the SA) and they work. I got a 6 Petite in these, and they work very well--the length is pretty damn perfect. Again, you have to buy a petite online, and when I tried the Always Skinny in store, they didn't even have ankle sizes in those. I asked the SA about ankles, and she said that every once in a while they got an ankle, usually a return from online or another larger store. So if you are short (like me), you might be out of luck in store. Which kind of sucks. C'mon Gap, us shorties need love too!
Another thing I purchased at Gap is their city flat shoe. Now, if you prefer heels, this is the flat for you. I know I should embrace the flat, given my lifestyle, but it is hard. I find some flats to be more uncomfortable than heels because of their lack of support--I feel like my feet are having to "work" all day just to keep my shoes on. These are a ballet style with an elasticized foot opening. Therefore, they stay on very well, and yes, they are ridiculously comfortable. I got the metallic ones because I thought a bit of silver peeking out from under black pants might be cute, and might be a good go-to work look. I'm pretty jazzed about them, and I'm not usually that way with flats. The only thing is, I'm not sure how well they will hold up. I'm not planning on wearing them everyday, but if you are looking for a pair of everyday, go-to flats, then these might not be the ticket. If they do hold up, I'll eat these words. Maybe it is just because of the way they are packed and how they are foldable, or maybe it is the material that the metallic ones are made out of that makes me think this--they just don't seem super sturdy. I am thinking of getting a pair of the non-metallic ones if they go on sale again, so we'll see.
An in-store note--my store had them, but the sizes were really picked over, and they only had a bunch of 6's. I think they are running a bit small (I got my normal 9, and they work for me, but I can also wear an 8.5, so I'm a smaller 9), so the only shoes left were really small. Maybe they got another shipment since I was there, but if you want your choice of colors, maybe order online and get a couple of sizes to try.
This boyfriend sweater is on mucho sale right now, and it is cute. I saw it in store, but the way they have it folded, it looks like a whole lotta nothing. I saw it on Gigi on Gigi's Gone Shopping , and decided to give it a try online. Especially for the price. I like it. I got a Small because I have a boyfriend tee from Gap, and the S is HUGE, but I might wish I had got the M (my true size) so it would be a bit more slouchy and boyfriendy. I have to say though, the S works, and I LOVE the neckline in it, so maybe the M would have been too much. Who knows? If I see it in store again, I'm going to try the M just to see. The sweater has some silk in it, and is very soft, and I like the red color--really pops with dark denim. I'm a sucker for a good red. Unrelatedly, when Matt and I were in college, there was this girl we knew who only wore red and black. Talk about personal style! We called her the Red and Black Girl because we couldn't remember her name, despite the fact that she was in a bunch of our Literary and Cultural Studies classes. I'm bad with names. Now, anytime I look at this sweater and pair it with black pants, I will think of her. If you are reading this, Red and Black Girl, you were very stylish in college, and I hope you still are!
I am thinking of going to the Gap tomorrow and getting my son some stuff since I have that 40% off one item on Wednesday. I have two coupon books, one for the kids, and one for me. I'm actually jazzed about getting myself something, and that is different because I haven't been able to find myself things from the Gap in a while. Does anyone else think the Gap is getting better? Or is it just me? I'll admit...I have a little "thing" for the Gap because it was my favorite store when I was younger, so I sometimes tend to see things that aren't there. Know what I mean? But, I don't know. I've gotten the black pants and the jeans and a few tops, and I'm loving them all. Good job, Gap!

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