Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up: Rock Out Edition

Let's see if I can stay awake and actually type this out...

On Friday night, I took Sam to a birthday party and Gabby went to spend the night with a friend. I also went to pick up Gabby's cheerleading uniform. That means that I no longer have to hear the daily, "When is our uniform going to be heeeerrreee?" So yea for small victories. The uniforms this year are warm up suits (as opposed to the usual skirts) which I think is awesome since it gets cold. Gabby was less than jazzed. However, when she saw the outfit (and the matching hairbow) things got better.

Sam, all hyped up on birthday love, got the great idea to go shopping for his own party on Saturday. We had planned on going to get invitations anyway, but since he was so excited, we went on. Since it was "his day," Sam requested to pick the restaurant. He picked an Asian restaurant that we had never tried. It turned out to be AMAZING, and we were super jazzed to have found it. Matt and I got bento boxes and tempura veggies and the kids got noodles and California rolls. It was very fun and we had the best time. Sam now says it is favorite restaurant. He managed to get noodle sauce all over himself. Alice fell in love with tempura broccoli, so we had to order her some extra, which the wait staff found to be very funny. Now I need to make her some at home.

After our meal, we went shopping for birthday stuff. Sam had wanted to do a "historical party" but it was proving very hard to find stuff to fit that theme. He ended up finding a Darth Vader pinata and getting excited, so we decided to change to Star Wars. We found a lot of cute stuff, and even got some 3-D wall hangings and plates and stuff. After that, we ran to Target where we funned around with the Halloween stuff. I found a George Bush mask and put it on, and Alice LOST HER SHIT. I mean, screaming, crying, trying to break out of the Target cart. I felt bad, but it was also incredibly hilarious in a sad, sick way. We found a bendy spider and put it on her back and let her ride around with it, which I think she thought was funny. She kept laughing and then petting it like it was a lap dog or something. It must be interesting to be a baby. Must be kind of like riding a roller coaster with all the ups and downs.

After that, we grabbed Frappucinos and then went to Gabby's football game. We ended up having a good time although the bleachers were treacherous to say the least. The football team managed to score 20 points. This is about 36 points more than I expected them to score all year. The highlight of my FREAKING LIFE came when this girl on Gabby's cheerleading squad looked at me and goes, "Hey Gabby's Mom! I like your shirt!" I was wearing Gap Long and Leans, the J.Crew rolling ruffles tank in charcoal and a lavender Jackie cardigan. I thanked her, and kept pushing Alice over to the concession stand. I then heard her say, "Gabby, I just love your mom's clothes." Gabby's head didn't spin around and she didn't vomit green soup. She just goes, "Thanks!" I'm serious: I can die a happy woman. I told Matt that now I want to step up the game to be even more of the Fierce Mom and he gave me a worried look. We drove home (the game was in the middle of nowhere) and then went to bed.

On Sunday, we got up and took the kids to meet my mother in law at church and then Matt and I hit the open road to go see ZZ Top and Tom Petty! My husband loves classic rock (I don't think he listens to anything post 1990, except for maybe Muse and the White Stripes which I didn't know about until I was flitting around with his iPod yesterday and just happened to find albums by those artists), and I also love Tom Petty. Who doesn't love Free Fallin'? Is that not a perfect little pop song? I adore it. Plus, I have all these great memories of listening to Mary Jane's Last Dance the summer it came out. It became kind of a little parlor trick because I memorized all the words and would repeat them at a moment's notice. Anyway, we had tried to get the tickets earlier this summer, but thought it was sold out or something because we couldn't get the Ticketmaster page to work. Turns out that they were just updating the site. So we found tickets last week and decided to take the plunge. We drove to Charlotte, NC to go to the concert, and ended up getting their plenty early so we went to Ikea to look at entertainment centers. We don't have Ikea here (obviously...) so I was super stoked to get back to one. I saw it beside the road and made this loud gasping sound which Matt misconstrued to think that I had seen a wreck or a fender bender and was a little frightened. He was a little less than pleased to see that it was just a store, but I think was a little happier when it turned out to be Ikea. We ended up eating inside the store and spent plenty of time snapping pictures and picking out stuff. We are going to go back and get the stuff maybe next month. I'm jazzed!

After that, it was time to rock out! The night was a little balmy (made the Miller Light taste so, so good) and we were in an amphitheater, so I was glad that I had brought three pairs of shoes to choose from. I wanted to wear my new Merona riding boots with my Gap Forever skinnies, but since it was still a little warm, I ended up wearing the Gap City Flats. They have turned out to be rather durable, so I'm a little sorry that I thought that they wouldn't be. I also wore a Liberty of London halter top and I took a navy Jackie cardigan. I really can't say enough about the Gap Forever skinnies--they were so comfortable ALL DAY long and they looked super awesome! Plus I didn't wear a belt and didn't have to worry about rocking the plumber look one time. Ladies, we have a winner. Run...don't walk to The Gap! I also tried out some new make-up for the day, but there will be more about that later!

We were super tired on the way home, but I was so afraid to stay overnight and leave Alice alone with my mother in law. So we trucked on, relying on singing and McDonald's iced tea to keep us going until we got home. We ended up getting back at about 4. The alarm went off at 7:30, and it was AWFUL but we're up and back to normal. Matt has a meeting at 2:30 that is important, I think, so I hope he will be ok. He seemed pretty spry this morning. I know I always wax philosophic about the weirdness of my life and you're probably totally sick of it, but I love that I have a life where I drive 3.5 hours to go to a concert, stop and look at entertainment centers and organization systems along the way, and then drive home all in one day and then get back to normal the next day. Well, kind of back to normal. I'm pretty tired and I look like I was hit repeatedly with a bus last night. Oh well.

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