Monday, September 13, 2010

This Month's Heinous Offering From ShoeDazzle

This is Kim Kardashian's pick of the month from Shoe Dazzle. Yes, it is pretty damn ugly. But, what makes this pick of the month particularly...interesting is Kim's little blurb about it:

"I also love fringing, so the fringe detail on the zipper makes them that much more stylish. You can team these with some dark skinny jeans or a cute pair of denim shorts" (italics mine). Cute denim shorts? Oxymoronic? Or just moronic? What kind of denim shorts is she talking about? Daisy Dukes? Bermuda shorts? Dexy Midnight Runners' overalls?
SO MANY QUESTIONS!!! But seriously...can you imagine seeing someone out, like grocery shopping or paying their water bill or picking their kids up from school wearing those shoes? Those shoes do not exist outside of the Kardashians' world. And thank God for that. Perhaps that is what Kim is selling when she sells these shoes...a slice of her inappropriate, made for reality-TV life. When you buy them (and goodness knows that I hope you don't), you're not buying shoes. You are buying the whole, gaudy, hot mess that is the Kardashian clan.

But these shoes...These shoes remind me of that Seinfeld episode where Elaine is walking down the street, trying to think of a blurb about J. Peterman's Himalayan walking boots. These are Himalayan walking boots. For prostitutes. Let's hope homegirl decides to "leak" another sex tape soon because her styling skillz are just not going to pay the rent.

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