Thursday, September 16, 2010

From the Mouth of the Husband

This will be short, because well, I need to feed my family and drive my daughter to dance practice and nuzzle the baby and ask my son about his first day of moving up to the 2nd grade (more on that later). And really, there is no need for many words. This, my lovely croque madames, is my lovely husband. Unedited. Uncut. We went shopping this afternoon, and these are but two of the many gems he had to share.

"$70 for a pair of shoes?!?! That's insane! They don't even pump up!"
--on dress shoes for dudes and the fact that they can't all be this awesome

"I bet he pulls down $150k a year. And he doesn't even buy his own shirts!"
--on his favorite college professor, who lacks style but is much loved. Apparently, this guy only wears (free) t-shirts from various Russian language camps. He is Matt's mentor in life.

This, ladies, is what I'm up against. Big, economy-sized sigh.

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