Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weight Watchers Update

I just got back from my WW meeting, and I am literally typing this with my mouth stretched around my yummy Subway turkey sandwich (which I bought as a $5 footlong yesterday and had half each day--I IZ FRUGAL, YA'LL), but I'm so excited that I have to type this and tell you because we are internet best friends and that means we share exciting information with each other in breathless, unpunctuated run-on sentences concocted purely with questionable syntax.



(I felt it very important to summarize this joy with a happy cat meme because I seriously have a folder on my work hard drive with nothing but "FAIL" pictures, most of which contain lots of cursing and general bad vibes. Yup, I'm that kind of girl. You can take the Garbage out of the ipod, but you can't take the Garbage out of the girl.)

Weight Watchers had to be all sad panda about the whole thing, and give me this message when I logged my weight that was like, "You may be losing weight too fast, dearie," with which I audibly scoffed at and said, "FUCK THAT! You're just jealous, Weight Watchers, because I'm one step closer to looking AH-MAZING, and you're just a sad old website that never gets laid."

Because that's how I roll. Poking fun at inatimate objects.

And the thing is, I haven't done any thing that different this week aside being a bit more dilligent about the tracking. I did eat a cherry cheese pastry from Panera Bread, but I had the extra weekly points to cover it, and I grazed a bit more at my super bowl party than I had intended (but all the food was WW-friendly!). I just feel myself falling into good habits lately, which feels really, really good. Not oppressive or diet-y. Good. And I am starting to realize what a good splurge is (the pastry) and what a bad splurge is (cold nachos left on the table too long) and how to enjoy the good without adding the points for the bad. Things that seem so common sense....I'm doing them. And they are making more sense this time around, which is very, very nice.

This morning I actually dressed the way I like, which is a small miracle (which seems like a non sequitur, but hear me out). Because of all the cold and ice, I've been in this real black pants rut, as in, everyday I just pulled out a different pair of black pants with a different cardigan and that was the outfit. Today, I pulled out a new J. Crew double serge pencil skirt (outlet version) and wore it with my Lands End Canvas chambray shirt tucked in. I haven't tucked a shirt in since I was 12 years old, I'll just tell you that right now, and I've resisted even in adulthood because I thought it would magnify my heaving bosoms. But I did it. And it feels like....ME. I feel like ME in this outfit, like a best version of me, the one who bakes her own bread, and doesn't snark during the PTA meeting (i.e., waiting until I get in my car to say, "Oh for shit's sake!"), and smiles at people at work and files her emails into folders. I am going to try to remember this and work this into the wardrobe more. I deserve to feel like this, I've realized. And it has been so nice to feel this way today, to know that the small positive changes I am making incorporate not just into losing weight, but to gaining more of ME.

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