Friday, February 18, 2011

OOTD: Does this work?

So it is the quiet before the storm in my office. Our big meeting starts at 11:30, but everything has been done--folders stuffed and artfully arranged on the table, lunch reservations made, offices cleaned with every thing filed and ready. I am just sitting here, calmly drinking from my klean kanteen and waiting on the swarm of higher ups to come in and scrutinize the numbers for the past 6 years (which yes, I had nothing to do with, since I started working here last November). Oh well. That's higher education for you...what are you gonna do?

Yesterday, I posted a question to Allie at Wardrobe Oxygen which is where I go to ask all questions both fashion and life related. Why is the sky blue? Does this skirt match these heels? Where do babies come from? All fair game, since Allie basically taught me how to dress when I had just graduated from college and thus MADE MY LIFE. I asked her if she would think I was rushing the season a bit if I went bare legged today. On February 18th. The whole idea seems ludicrous, since it should not be 72 degrees on February 18th. But it is, so I asked.

She said that it was ok, since I am wearing all black everywhere else. And, she didn't say this, but I want to add that if I had tried to put tights on, my legs would have broken out in huge, scaly hives because winter is really grating on me right now, and I want it to be spring because it is acting like spring and if winter sneaks back on us, it is going to be twice as hard as it was before to muster the strength to live.

So, what say you, venerable readers? How do you deal with unseasonable weather? Dress for the temp, no matter the month? Or the month, no matter the temp? It should be noted that I am also rocking my coral trench, which I think, looks amazing with my turquoise-y necklace.

Jersey turtleneck--Merona for Target (such a great purchase this was--great quality, inky color, perfect weight...and $10)
Pencil skirt--J. Crew Factory
Turquoise bib necklace (this is a great piece, but all of the pictures I took of it made me look goofy)--Gap Outlet
Black croco peep toes--BCBG (old!)
Silver hoops--Sam got them for me for Christmas

Another question--does anyone else have this issue where their hair looks one way in their bathroom, and quiet another once they arrive at work? I think the air in here is really dry or something, but my hair was pin straight and silky at home, and then I get here and it is suddenly fluffier, with a bit of a wave. Still feels nice, and is not horrible, but definitely different than at the house. One of my coworkers says that our building is a "sick" building because people get a lot of headaches in here. I have always said it is not the building, but rather the people (har har), but maybe there is something to it....

I hope everyone is having a great Friday and is less stressed than I am! Friday should be fun--parties on the Sunken Gardens, lunches at the Cheese Shop--not BIG MEETING, right? I wish everyone in the world had gone to my college and maybe there would be no Friday meetings ever!

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