Wednesday, February 16, 2011

OOTD: Fuck yeah, Spring!

I am really trying to be better about dressing myself. I had really gotten into a rut, and I think it was affecting my mood and how I felt about my weight loss. So, this week I have done well. Actually, both Monday and Tuesday I wore black dresses, and you'd be amazed how much better I feel. I think I am a dress person after all. And yes, my 11 year old self, the girl who wore overalls and an Atlanta Braves jersey seemingly nonstop, just puked all over her copy of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry when I wrote that.

And, ladies, it sure don't hurt that spring has come and set up shop in Hillbilly-land, VA. Yessireebobcat, it is 60 degrees outside. Which feels like 90. Give me that bikini and hand me a mai-tai because I'm about to go SUN myself.

(The lady in the cubicle outside of my office just told me that her dentist said it is supposed to snow next week. I told her to get another dentist. Because anybody who spreads outright lies like that is sure to get a pointy dentist tool to the eye.)

Anyway, here is my outfit today. I got this trench coat at the Gap Factory Outlet when I was in Gatlinburg for my birthday. I orginally was going to get a khaki version, but I love this pink. It just sings "SPRING" to me. And Lord knows I need to hear that song on repeat.
Trench: Gap Outlet
Chambray button down: Lands End Canvas
Sparkly belt: Merona for Target
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Earrings: J Crew Factory via Dr. Drama
The jacket looks a tinge wrinkly in that first picture and that is probably because I've been sitting on it today. Classy. Yes. I'm actually qualifying this just in case my mom ever finds this blog because I don't think she'll care about the cursing or the oversharing or the sex talk. She will call me, though, and tell me to iron my clothes. This is the same woman who once told me she would call social services on someone who didn't iron their children's clothes. I think she has softened her stance on this just a bit (on our recent trip, she only spent 18% of our total time together ironing, as opposed to 25% last year) (just kidding), but still, I wouldn't cross her. She also once swerved to hit a man standing beside Highway 460 in Central VA and tells the tale with a smile on her face. Creeeeepy.
Anyway, I hope it is similarly warm wherever you are and you are dressed accordingly. Slough off those sweaters, girls. It's time to rock.

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