Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Little Miss Type A

So at Weight Watchers this week, I lost 3.8 pounds! HOLLA. I was super excited, especially when my leader commented on how well I've been doing and how I seem to be the most "determined" person in any of her meetings. She goes, "You're a little Type A, aren't you?" And I said, "Have you met me?!?"

Anyway, I got my 5% star, which is big and shiny and pink and currently on the drawer of my desk where I keep the dark chocolate almonds and the Smart Balance popcorn.

It is funny--I have started to notice the weight loss in places. Most notably my boobs (my bras are getting a bit big) and my calves. Last night I went to the FasMart to get a couple of Diet Cokes and a caramello for Matt (I was going to watch the Amanda Knox movie on Lifetime and had to have a Diet Coke which is normally contraband in the house for me), and I was wearing my capri length yoga pants. I stood and looked at myself in the glass door for a good while, admiring my calves. Enough to where it was probably pretty creepy for the other denizens of the FasMart. And then today I zipped up my boots and noticed they felt quite a bit looser than they had last time I wore them. Which is funny. In the past, the only way I've been able to lose anything in my ginormo calves is by coverting the fat to muscle through running. I haven't done near enough exercise, and yet they are receding. I kinda hope that the calves chill for a bit, and we can concentrate on my love handles!

Anyway, it has been a great week. For those of you who are on WW (and even if you are not), I will share a great link that I have found this week. Danica's Daily is a great resource for recipes and other points friendly ideas. Danica basically photographs everything she eats and logs it. I made her healthy au-gratin potatoes last night and they were BETTER than the nonhealthy version I normally make. Plus, she seems very relatable, and super nice. So check it out, and good luck on the scale to everyone!

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