Friday, February 4, 2011

If You Don't Buy this Hair Product the World Will Stop Turning

Or it won't.

But this is a damn fine product in any case.

I am notorious when it comes to my non-comittal ways with hair products. I very rarely purchase the same item twice, and if I do, it is most likely a mistake in that I forgot that I had bought it before (yeah, I know). I get this honestly--on my recent trip with my mom, she bought me a grocery tote FULL of various salon products she had used 1/4 of and then decided she hated. This is because, she said, she has "bad hair." I think it is because she just wanted an excuse to buy something new. Hey, my mom is an accounting professor, which just might be the most boring job ever. She has to get her kicks wherever she can.

Besides my natural, ingrained inclinations, I rarely buy the same product twice because my hair changes a lot. Especially since having The Big Al. For some reason, my third pregnancy just totally changed my hair from relatively fine and straight to thicker with a bit of a curl. This is lucky for me since I now have the hair I wanted when I was in high school. This is unlucky for me because I had finally gotten used to styling the hair that I had and then all of a sudden woke up with something entirely different. Also, with the advance of the winter of my discontent, my hair has gotten dry. For the first time ever. This has really thrown me for a loop. I have struggled to look at moisturizing products when I had been conditioned to think that those thing would just weigh me down, and thus, avoid them like the plague.

So this weekend, my mom introduced me to Moroccan Oil. I had actually bought a sample size of this product before for my daughter's hair, but never tried it myself. When mom talked about it, I was floored since her "bad hair" is incredibly fine. However, she said that her hairstylist said that it worked on everyone's hair and despite the fact that he is a Bumble + Bumble rep, recommended it for everyone. I put a bit on my hair not really knowing what it would do.

And then, BAM.

Full-on, Kardashian level shine. Like you could look at my hair and squeeze a zit on your reflection.

(Ok, not that shiny. How do the Kardashian's do that anyway? Perhaps that is their true talent that everyone has been looking for all these years.)

This stuff rocks my hair. Even though it is still fine in texture, but thick in...amount. There is no weighing down, no greasiness. It makes my hair look like I had it blown out. EVERY DAMN DAY. And (AND!), it makes your hair blow dry faster. For reals. Even more astonishingly, I put quite a bit of it on Gabby's hair one night before she went to bed and she awoke with manageable, gorgeous hair (which, Gabby has gorgeous hair anyway, but holy crap is it a pain in the ass). She didn't even blow dry, because it was much more important to Facebook chat with her BFF and this boy she talks to constantly who OMG is just a friend, GOD MOM. But still, it brushed out the next morning and was shiny and lovely.

The price on this stuff is a little steep, but I'll tell you, you don't have to use a lot, so I'm pretty sure this bottle I have will last for quite a while. And there are two of us using it. It is definitely worth it. Even if it were made of panda bear tears and Johnny Depp's back sweat (and the price point reflected this) it would be worth it.

I dare you to tell me otherwise. In fact, I triple dog dare you. I think, according to Gabby at least, that you must buy it. Because being triple dog dared means it's on like Donkey Kong. I'm not sure what it means since I don't actually know you and we are just internet besties, but still, heed my words. This stuff will rock your socks.


  1. I've heard this was miracle stuff. I'm just afraid to spend that much, 'cuz it's pricey stuff. Of course, if it works and it lasts a long time, I'm sure it's worth it. I have a $5 Beauty Brands coupon so maybe I'll swing by and pick some up. Thanks for the review.

  2. Okay so they have a small bottle on Amazon for like $18 but it's free shipping. I had two $5 Amazon Gift Cards in my Swagbucks account so I used them. I trust you mamacita, I want Kardashian hair!

  3. Ok, now I'm worried that you guys won't like it! I will refund you via Paypal if you don't....or not (he he). Seriously, if it can make my mom happy, it is magic in a bottle!