Monday, November 22, 2010

OOTD: Nabokovian Edition

So I am wearing the miniskirt! Yes, the one from Land's End Canvas that I threatened to order. It came in, and at first I was on the fence about it, and then I thought, "Ah, hell. You only live once." And I decided that yes, I would wear it. So here it is!

(I was going to post the picture of what it looked like on the model. But then I realized that seeing her beautiful long legs next to me would make me feel sad and I would then be contractually obligated to go to McDonald's and buy a mocha frappe and a small order of fries and drown my sorrows. So, if you have to see that picture for comparative reasons, here is the link to the previous blog post.)

As you can see, I am wearing tights, and instead of gray suede heels (that I still really want), I went with grey suede flats. Just because I don't want the whole thing to be too Hit-Me-Baby-One-More-Time for work. The tights and the shoes (which are new) are from Target. I will say that they are very comfortable. And (obviously), the shirt and skirt are from Lands End Canvas.

I don't know if you can tell (or if you care), but I colored my hair last night. It is not that much different--just a tinge darker. I was really trying to eliminate all elements of summer brassiness from it, and I think it did the trick. I used Perfect 10 hair color, which is pretty easy to use, even if you are completely hapless like me. I used Medium Ash Brown, I believe. For some reason (unrelated to the color, I think) my hair is acting up today, so I now have it in a ponytail. See that weird bump over my shoulder in the first picture? Yeah, that's not supposed to be there.

I asked Matt what he thought this morning, and he said that it was, yes, Nabokovian. I think he just likes that word. Anyway, we recently made reservations for a cabin in the mountains for a little alone time after Christmas and as I was leaving, he said, "Oh, and when we go on that trip, you're taking that skirt." So I guess that's a compliment. Nice.
Did anyone take part in Ann Taylor/Loft's F&F? I did not because I did LE Canvas's F&F and Gap's Give and Get and various other alliterative sales, and Black Friday/Cyber Monday are rapidly approaching and well, I was pretty sure that Matt would give me a very derisive look if I did. What did you get? Let me live through your purchases vicariously!

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  1. Super cute!

    I didn't get my LEC purchase yet. Wah. All I got from AT/LOFT that I will be keeping is a striped tee, and from Gap all I got was... you guessed it, a striped tee!