Friday, November 12, 2010


I am very happy to see Friday come this week. For one thing, we have plans this weekend to start our Christmas shopping and take the kids to the movies. But more importantly, the last two weeks have been trying. This week, I had a really rough cold, and am just now really coming out of it, although I have the same sinus headache that I have had for the past four days. The worst thing about all of that is that it, despite my best intentions, totally derailed my life. I didn't get things done around the house that I wanted to do and I didn't go running one time. Plus, I didn't start my strenghtening routine in the morning like I wanted. Add that to the comfort food I have so willingly enjoyed and I'm sure the scale would tell you what a total fail it has all been.

But Friday just makes it all go away and gives me hope that next week will be better. That I can put all this behind me and move happily on. When I was in college, Friday was the one day that I didn't do anything school related (aside from go to class). I don't think anyone did. There would be a band on the Sunken Gardens sometimes, and it seemed like the weather always looked up on Fridays. Matt and I had a tradition that after our last class of the day, we would walk down to The Cheese Shop (if you are ever in Williamsburg, VA, you should definitely go) and get sandwiches for lunch. I would always get VA ham and havarti on a baguette and a spicy ginger ale, and we would buy a bag of bread ends and sauce to take home. Then we would go sit on this wall thingie near a parking lot and eat them. I can still remember the saltiness of the ham combining with the sound that my Doc Martens made as I kicked them off of the concrete wall. We would talk and laugh about our weeks and make every effort to not talk about school work. Sometimes afterward we would take a stroll to the candy store or to the Raleigh Tavern Bake Shop and buy goodies and then we would go back to our dorms or apartment and take a nap (I guess you are starting to see why I weighed over 200 pounds in college!). It was delicious and wonderful and fun and now when I think of Friday, it brings a smile to my face. The funny thing is, I had a professor whose son and daughter attended the same preschool/day care as Gabby and a few times at pick up on Friday, I would see him and he would comment about just having taken a nap. Guess it was a widespread thing!

I have to make a trip to Target today to stock up on things like foundation, shave gel, moisturizer and all of the stuff that I let slide during the week when I am rushing around like a crazy person. I fully plan on walking in, going by Starbucks for an iced coffee, and then just leisurely walking around the store, purchasing my stuff. I am looking forward to it like crazy. I once read an article about Tina Fey and she said that that is her greatest fantasy--to buy a large soda and walk around a large suburban super store and just randomly look at stuff. I have to agree. And you know, I was going to type that I feel guilty about it, that I am having my mother in law pick up my kids from school so that I can leave work a touch early and do that, but I don't. After the last two weeks, I think I deserve to be able to walk around a Target. And I will see the kids when I get home and I will prepare them a lovely dinner and a pear clafouti and I will smile. But I need the trip to Target first. And maybe a short journey in TJ Maxx! Earlier this week, I realized how tired I am of moms playing the martyr game (I never take any time for myself! It is all Junior, all the time for me!), so I am not giving in and feeling any guilt about it. And that's the end of that discussion.

Well, this has been a lot of writing about really nothing. Did anyone take advantage of the Lands End Canvas groupon that was posted earlier this week? I have mine (well, two of them because I am greedy), and I am thinking of buying this skirt:

Isn't that cute? I kind of love it. I know I am running the risk of it being a bit costume-y with my bangs (I can just imagine my husband saying something about Lolita because of it--this is a man who used the word "Nabokovian" in a discussion about my daughter's 6th grade English class), but I really want it, and the Groupon is a good reason to take the plunge. Now if I could just find a pair of gray suede pumps at TJ Maxx today....

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and that your Friday is idyllic and pictureesque just as it should be!

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