Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up and Menu for the Week

This past weekend FLEW by, but it was a pretty good one nonetheless. On Friday, I went to Target and bought all my stuff, plus a new pair of black riding pants that I am wearing right now. I really like these pants--they are a lot like the Mossimo ponte leggings that I also own, but more work appropriate because they are a bit more substantial and have a button waistband and back pockets. Kind of like the best of both worlds. I have to say they are terribly comfy. I am currently wearing them with my black riding boots, but the length is good, so I am looking forward to being brave and trying them with a pair of ballet flats. Now finding the perfect ballet flats...that will be another discussion for antoher day. TJ Maxx was a let down, but it is really hit or miss with me, so I wasn't that disappointed. I stopped at Starbucks for a light frappucino and headed home.

When I got home, the best thing happened. The kids were at my mother in law's, and my husband was there, and we were totally ALONE. Amazing. I had no idea our house could be so quiet. Matt and I are hardly ever in our house totally by ourselves--if we get his mom to watch the kids, it is because we are both at work or because we are going somewhere together. Plus, we called to check on the kids, and his mom said that if we wanted to pick them up IN A COUPLE OF HOURS, we could stop and pick up pizzas and all eat together up there. SCORE. So that is what we did.

On Saturday, we took the kids to see Megamind and out for lunch. We ate at Red Lobster, and Alice entered the world of the Kid's Meal when I got her her own chicken tenders and a side of broccoli. I usually just share with her and order her an extra vegetable side, but she sometimes looks at Sam's chicken tenders longingly, so I decided to just go ahead and get her her own. She was way, way excited. She proceeded to eat her chicken dipped in ketchup. Like a lot of ketchup. Homegirl looooves sauces, it appears. She ate her ketchup, as well as Sam's, who hates any kind of sauce. The funny thing about it is that when we left, Matt looked at the back of my lavender sweater, and noticed that Alice had actually slung the ketchup and flecks of it were all over my back. He said it looked like blood spatter analysis from Dexter. Nice. We went by Old Navy and I got the kids some clothes and Alice a new coat and Matt bought some khakis and button downs. Then we went to the movies. The movie was cute and funny, and Alice made it almost all the way through before she and I made our exit to the back of the theater where she had fun walking up and down the steps. Not many people were there, and the ones who were commented on her being good. HA!

On Sunday, Matt worked a bit (his work life increases exponentially around the holidays), so I stayed home all day with the kids. The kids and I were going to go shopping, but Sam wasn't feeling it, and I wasn't feeling being in the car for 3 hours with them and it was rainy, so we stayed home. The kids were, in a word, WILD. Halfway through the day, Sam took his Megamind toy from McDonald's that he had begged for the night before and decided it was his robot hand. He didn't put it down for the rest of the day and made all manner of strange sounds with it. When I asked him to take it off, he would say, "BUT IT'S MY HAND NOW!!! I can't take off my hand!" Sigh. Alice, in true Alice fashion, dashed around the house all day, gut extended. She managed to dump a bag of M&M's from Gabby's room all over the floor in the living room, carry a box of macaroni into the bathroom and dump it into the bathtub and then find a chicken tender in the top of the trashbag and stick it in her mouth. Those, folks, are just the highlights. I will probably find about 10 million other things she did today when I pick up a bit more. The scary thing is, she was by my side almost the entire day. I have no idea how this child does it and why we find it all so endearing. She also scared our poor miniature schnauzer, Hinkleton, so bad that he refused to come out from under the dining room table for about 30 minutes. Hinkleton is probably spending his Monday placing an ad on Craigslist for himself.

When Matt (finally) got home, I took a l-o-n-g bath, listened to the Black Keys and exfoliated/scrubbed/buffed/polished myself. I had planned on getting the house straightened up, but that didn't happen--in fact, it probably looks worse right now than it did on Sunday morning. Oh well. I did a bit of shopping for Gabby and myself with our Give and Get online codes and made homemade marinara sauce and garlic bread for dinner. I FINALLY got the kids to sit down by allowing them to make their Christmas lists. I told them to write it with pen and paper so that I could divvy it up among relatives, but Gabby said she just couldn't do that, that it was silly and she would just make it on Amazon "like any NORMAL human being." Kids these days. Sam, of course, was delightfully old school, writing to Santa that he had been "mostly" good and that he had two arch enemies (two girls in his class who like to hug him) and that he couldn't be expected to be "all the way good" under those circumstances.

So, since I took the time to make this meal plan yesterday, I'll share it.

Sunday: spaghetti with Ina Garten's marinara, garlic bread (we were supposed to have a salad, but I was just way too lazy. Yup, too lazy to open up a bag of salad greens and whisk some balsamic and olive oil together. It's official. I'm total crap.)
Monday: chicken tortilla soup (with that crockpot Mexican chicken I made a couple of weeks back)
Tuesday: burritos (with the rest of that chicken), spanish rice
Wednesday: potato leek soup from Masterpieces of French Cooking, which I desperately want to use more
Thursday: My mom will *possibly* be here, and if she is, we will eat with her. If she doesn't think she will get back in time, I am going to put some pork in the slow cooker and fix pulled pork and broccoli slaw.
Friday: probably eating with mom again. If she is tired (she is going to be helping my grandmother get her house holiday ready during this time), I am going to make PW's chicken scallopine for all of us.
Saturday: definitely eating out and going to a Christmas parade. This is a big family tradition with my mom and me, so we will probably go to this same pizza restaurant we always go to and then go buy candy making supplies for the holidays. I feel my hips widening...

Hope everyone's Monday is going well, and perhaps a bit better than mine. I just realized this morning that my father in law drove off to West Virginia (where he is going to be for the rest of the week) with my purse/wallet in his car. AWESOME! It has all my money and cards inside of it. Hopefully, he can overnight it to me. Sigh. Plus, I cannot find the witch hazel towellettes I have been using on my face anywhere and I am all out. I went to two drugstores this morning, and it looks like I will have to go BACK to Target. I love Target, but would it be possible for any other store to just TRY to have what I need? Just for convenience's sake? Lord.

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