Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This is what a $10 dress looks like.

*When I take these pictures, I usually do you the solid of going around and closing all the bathroom doors so that you don't have to look at a toilet. This time, I was in a hurry because a) I was in a different bathroom and b) my camera is almost out of batteries and I don't have the charger with me. So, sorry. It's my birthday. Cut me some slack.
Anyway, remember that time that I told you about my awesome $10 dress finding at Target? (If you don't, SHAME ON YOU. What kind of blog reader are you? For crying out loud. Kidding.) This is that dress. I thought about wearing it all last week but it has been painfully snowy, and well, yes today is my birthday so I wanted something nice to wear. So I pulled out my $10 dress and honey, I couldn't be more pleased with my choice to wear it today.
For starters, this dress is comfy. But let's get beyond that. I really, really like it. I took this style quiz thingie on boutiques.com one day before Christmas when I was bored at work and it basically told me that I should wear black dresses all the time because evidently that is what I liked the most. It gave me no other options. Like I should wear little black dresses when I clean my toilet. The sad thing is, I have only one other black dress. And neither of them are really LBD's in the strict meaning of the term. I am thinking of buying myself a new day-to-night LBD for my birthday. I have a couple picked out... so we'll see. But for the time being, I really like this dress--the silhouette is modern with a bit of retro fun, the dress is LINED (for reals, ya'll), and it accomodates my larger chest. I am happy.
And it was $10, ya'll. $10!!! Which means I can totally be that smug girl that you totally hate now.
You: I like your dress, Morgan.
Me: Thanks. I got it for $10. You see, I don't spend my money on frivolities like clothes. I prefer to invest it in my 401k. I have a goal of being a millionaire before I turn 35. Would you like to see my portfolio? Or the rental property I just acquired? I have never made an unsound financial decision, and I have never spent over $40 on cheese. I also do not have shopping sites bookmarked under the term "Happy Places" on my work computer. Oh, and this lipstick? I don't own three tubes of it so that I always have one with me if I lose it. Yup, TOTALLY financially awesome, I am. My husband is in complete and total awe of my saving awesomeness.

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  1. Happy birthday! I know I told you on FB but you can't hear it enough!

    That dress is fantastic, what a score!

    I too am supposed to wear LBDs every day of my life, yet lately I want to fight against it. I want a blood orange slightly a-line shift like nobody's business. Though I would also like this cute dress you are wearing!