Thursday, August 19, 2010

What I Want For Fall

Now that school has started and things are resuming a familiar school year pace, I have really started to look forward to Fall. This is probably unfortunate, because I live in VA, and it doesn't really get cooler until mid-late September at the earliest, so I've got a good while still. But yesterday, I (finally) got my Ann Taylor Loft Friends and Family order and just seeing all the warm colors made me want to make some butternut squash soup and rush the season a bit. I won' least not yet. It is tempting though. Especially since the other day when I was at Target, I got the great idea to try on some high boots just to see if I can actually get my leg in the regular sized boots. And yup...I'm there. I'm supremely pleased with this, since in the past I couldn't even get my legs in some extended calf styles. So yes, I was totally that girl in Target, wearing two different boots and dancing like a maniac. If you were in the Bristol, VA Target on Tuesday and witnessed that, I apologize.

I have a few things (besides boots of many styles and colors!) that I have been craving. The interesting thing about it is though that in planning my list for Fall, I have had to take a long hard look at my life and what styles actually fit me now. Not only has my body changed in the past year, but my life has changed as well. I'm now the mother to an almost-toddler, a little being who I chased around the floor happily and greedily. I have two more incredibly active kids and now face a fall where 6 of my Saturday nights will be spent at pee-wee football games (Gabby is a cheerleader). Moreover, just culturally, I do not live in a very "dressed up" place. Sadly, a pair of jeans and a nice cardigan is more dressed up than most people get around here, but that is a (meaner) post for another time. And even more sadly, high heels sink into the ground outside of my house. Yup, BOONIES people. I LIVE THERE. So although I crave pencil skirts and heels, I have to face facts that those things are just not practical for me right now. When making my Loft order, I had the Silk Flutter Dress in my cart for the longest time. But then I am I going to style that when it gets cold? And what place does a silk dress have in my wardrobe right now? The answer is no place at all, my friend. So I deleted it and got jeans, cardigans, and tanks instead. Kind of a uniform, yes. But it works for me right now. And since I have no returns from the order, it seems I did ok.

So, with that preface, here is what I am looking for this Fall:
  • A sweater jacket. I am really looking for something like this from Lands End Canvas that I can wear to those pee-wee football games that will be heavier than my usual cardi, but not a full on coat. Plus, this is cute. I love how they have it styled with the pleated front skirt on the front page. This might be a purchase very soon.
  • Hats! When I was a kid, I went nowhere without a hat. Six from Blossom was my inspiration--in fact, some people called me "Blossom." Not even kidding. I really feel like bringing that back this fall. I'm looking for a fedora and I like this newsboy cap. Seems like a fun way to stay warm and add a little fun to your outfit without going crazy. And I need a replacement for the heels I'm not going to buy.
  • A nice shirtdress. I tried one on at Target before we went on vacation, and I loved it and should have bought it, but it was like 200,000 degrees that day, and I just couldn't even think of wearing a black shirt dress like ever. Mental block, I think. So now, I want it, and I don't have it and it makes me sad. This will probably go on the list of "The Clothes That Got Away" that I halfheartedly stalk ebay for and weep for every night (Maya cardigan in dusty blossom!!! WHY OH WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME?). Anyway, I want a fall-ish shirt dress to wear with boots and then boots and tights and a nice scarf.
  • Some nice loungewear. Don't you love that word? L-O-U-N-G-E-W-E-A-R. It makes me feel like Zsa Zsa Gabor. Anyway, I want some nice things to wear around the house because we tend to spend some time around the house making popcorn balls and carving pumpkins and the like and I just really want to step up the game. I want a nice cocoon cardigan, maybe a comfy kimono dress that I can wear with leggings. Nothing too fancy, just something that will look nice for hanging out with the family.
  • Skinny jeans. If you are looking for them, I recommend these from Loft. I had them last year in a 10, and I got them again this year during F&F in a 6. The fit is nice, I think, and the quality is good for the price. I'm going to have to wear a belt so that I don't have to worry about who I'm flashing underwear at, so I might try a 4 sometime if I am ever near a Loft (I live nowhere near one, but my husband and I are going to homecoming at my alma mater, and there is one there, so a girl can dream) and just see. However, I like the 6, and I'd probably belt them anyway. I don't even have to get a petite in them. Rock. I might get some more of these, or try others that I can try on around here. Love them with the 5,246 pairs of boots I'm going to buy.
  • Some simple black trousers. Probably going to order these today with the SHOPNOW code. I've been waiting to place my order because I like to procrastinate and look for popbacks, but the time has come, the walrus said. Anyway, those are a bit more fashion-y than I usually go, so I'll probably also get some regular ones. I want to try the new ones at Gap in person, because I usually have good luck with Gap pants. We'll see.
  • A denim pencil skirt. Tried on a Merona Collection one at Target on Tuesday and really liked it--didn't buy it because we were in a hurry to get to the movie and the line was long with back to school shoppers. Probably will go back to get that one because the fit was great and they had a bunch of 6's.
  • Cardigans and boots are givens, because I'm addicted. Just got this Loft one in the wild berry, and I am thinking of getting another color. I got a S though and it fit well (I normally get a M in tops because of the ta-ta's, but Loft's M can be a bit...voluminous). Will probably spring for a couple of new Jackies. Love the Breeze, and missed out on it last time around. Boots--I'm thinking one "nice" pair and a few fun pairs to just play around with. You have no idea how long I have waited on the moment to buy regular width boots. I used to dream about going into a shoe store and buying them. Usually with Bow Wow Wow's I Want Candy playing.
  • I should really conclude this list before Matt finds this post and takes my name off the bank account.

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  1. Omigod, regular fitting boots? I couldn't even swing that when I was a size 8, though I could easily wear extended at J. Crew and such. Totally another carrot dangling for my Weight Watchers inspiration!