Tuesday, August 17, 2010

30 B4 30: Tuesday Night Date Night

As part of my 30 Before 30 list, I have promised to go on a date night twice a month with my husband, Matt. We have never been good at giving ourselves time together. For one thing, we've always been super busy with school/work and for a large amount of time, we lived away from our family and thus reliable/affordable baby-sitting. Even now that we live close enough to take advantage, we don't because we feel guilty about leaving the kids and find ourselves just too busy to take time out that often.

But I made a committment to do it, and I'll be damned if I don't at least give it the old college try. Plus, it is something we really need to do for ourselves. And, besides all that, it is just totally fun to go out and watch movies and eat bad food and talk about things that do not include my daughter's cheerleading and son's finicky eating habits.

One thing we are doing is going out on Tuesday nights. This sounds odd, I know. We started it because my husband is hella cheap and movie tickets are just $4 on Tuesday nights at our local theater. Plus, a lot of local restaurants run specials on Monday and Tuesday nights. So it is a cheap night out. However, we have come to really like it for many more reasons than the cheapness of it. For one thing, it is not crowded on Tuesday nights really anywhere. You can get a table with no wait, the theater is not full of obnoxious people texting away and guffawing at stupid jokes. Plus, it is something to look forward to coming out of the weekend. Yes, it is hard to get started on a Monday morning. However, knowing that there is a treat waiting for me on Tuesday night makes it a lot easier. I even think this applies to the kids. They like the break of getting to go to their grandmother's house on Tuesday afternoons--she picks them up from school and takes them to a local drive-in restaurant for hot dogs and shakes, which is a great break from eating with us every night. We don't do it every Tuesday (obviously), but when we do, we all come away from it happy.

Tonight we went and saw Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. My husband picked the movie because he read the graphic novel. I just went along because I never know anything about movies--I just kind of like to walk into them and be surprised as to what I'm seeing. I don't keep up with what is out or anything like that. This is in opposition to Matt, who has a tab on his igoogle that is all about movies that he follows religiously. I just requested no Eat Pray Love because I read the book and really disliked it--found it to be a bit overindulgent and trite (did anyone else not like this book? I usually find myself to be in the minority on this one). Matt was more than pleased to honor my request because he has this issue with Julia Roberts' teeth. Not kidding. Who doesn't like Pretty Woman? That movie singlehandedly taught me everything I know about sex and mean-sprited SA's. But I digress....

ANYWAY, Scott Pilgrim....was awesome. I adored it because it had all of these awesome musical references and totally made me feel like I was a 14 year old girl again. Because I totally had this shirt:

Love that Zero shirt. The summer when I was 13, I plotted to have Billy Corgan's babies and I had about 3 of those...a long sleeved one, a short sleeved one, and a ringer like you see on Michael Cera above. I also had the blue hair seen above, although mine was not nearly as cute and mine was made with blue gel-ly type stuff that I bought at Gadzooks in the Kingsport Mall. Not permanent in the least. But I tried. And watching that movie took me right back to that place.

When I stood up at the end of the movie, I looked down and saw myself : Gap jeans, cardigan, cute top. Typical 27 year old Mom I think. About as far from 13 year old rock star wannabe as you can get. But then I looked over. There stood Matt, who knew me in those days, who listened when I insisted on playing Siamese Dream three times in a row, who I have seen innumerable movies with, who uses the term "graphic novel," who I have watched play Zelda enough to where I got those references in the movie too. We are older, and wiser, maybe a bit more world weary then we once were. We are not as cool; the streaks in my hair now come from the actual sun and not a jar. But there is no one else in the world that I would rather spend a Tuesday evening with. And I hope I see 15 million more movies with him, and I hope I'm never too old to enjoy breaking out a Pumpkins album to listen to on the way home.

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