Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why Land's End Is More Awesome Than You Thought

In the past years, I have ordered a few things for Land's End--snowboots for my kids, a diaper bag, a t-shirt dress, sandals, etc. However, it wasn't one of those places that I just looked at online for giggles. It was more of a website that I went to to find a specific basic. Plus, a lot of times, things looked a little too old for me--cuts were more modest and full than what I would normally wear, colors and prints were maybe a bit more staid than what I desired.
But then I started hearing good things about the Land's End Canvas line. One night, I won a bet with my husband, which entitled me to a superfluous online order of my choice. I decided to order this dress.

When I first pulled the dress out of the package, I didn't know if I was a fan. The fabric of the skirt seemed a little drab, and I started worrying if it would fit correctly. But then I put it on. This dress is awesome. The fit is great--it slid over my huge ta-ta's, but still fit at the waist. It wasn't too long (as is the case normally for me). Plus, it has POCKETS! Yea! But more importantly, this dress is the perfect canvas for styling. You can be very creative with this dress. For work, I paired it with a navy blue Jackie cardigan and a necklace made of layers of sea glass. For play, I have worn it much as the model in the picture is wearing it--with a chunky necklace, a casual bag and plain sandals. A great buy (and I didn't even get it on sale as it is right now).

I remembered this experience, and have looked at Land's End Canvas a bit more recently. I haven't ordered anything else, but that's not for lack of desire. In fact, I was on my way there to check out new offerings one morning, when I noticed that Land's End was having a bathing suit sale. I had bought a bikini to take on my anniversary trip, but needed something a bit more substantial to run around in with the kids this summer. I decided to see what they had to offer. I had just started looking, when a chat screen popped up and I noticed that someone was asking me if they could assist me in my search. I told the representative what I was looking for and she asked me for my measurements. I found a tape measure and gave them to her. Within seconds, she had decoded it for me and told me that I would need a 6DDD (!!!) top and a 4 bottom. I combed through the offerings, and found a great halter tankini and bikini bottom and ordered it.

When it came in, I discovered bathing suit nirvana. The top has soft cups, but holds everything up like an underwire top. It is incredibly comfortable. Plus, everything is so adjustable--I can decide if I want to show a bit of my stomach or not. And even better--my top is minimized in a way to where you look at me and don't immediately think "BOOBIES!!!" It is a perfect suit. I am so excited about taking it to the beach next week--for the first time probably ever, I am going to be totally comfortable on the beach and will gladly whip off my cover up to hang with the kids.

Along with the suit, Land's End also sent me a coupon for $15 off a $75 purchase. I decided to use this to treat my mom and me to some new beach towels for our trip (along with a new pair of sandals and a cardigan for me....). However, I had just placed the order when I realized that the towels would probably not come in by the time we left for the beach. I called customer service to upgrade to a more expensive shipping option. When I explained to the agent what had happened, she said that she could get the package to me on Saturday without upgrading if it was put through immediately. I told her that I would be gone by then, and she asked me where I was going. When I told her that I would be going to the beach for a week, she asked me for that address. I had never thought of it, but we decided to send the package to the beach house where it would be waiting for me when I got there. I gave her the address, and she waived any fees for shipping to multiple addresses. Plus, she was super friendly the whole time and just incredibly helpful.

I will definitely be doing more orders with Lands End. They are super helpful, and seem to genuinely care if you get the kind of merchandise that you are looking for and that you get it in a timely fashion. I am super impressed!

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  1. I am a HUGE Lands End fan. Everything I have gotten is stellar quality, and the service is amazing. When I ordered from Canvas for the first time I got a handwritten note thanking me for my order. And BTW the towels are AWESOME. My mom, sister and I all have one with our name on it and my 5 year old towel still looks brand new and the size is fantastic. I want to get one for Emerson now!