Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vacation (All I've Ever Wanted)

These are some of our family vacation pics from the trip I recently took with my mom. Yeah, I know, no one really likes looking at someone else's trip pictures. But, you know, it's my blog, and well, I can't resist an opportunity to show off some pictures of the kids being their awesome selves.

The funny thing about taking a vacation when you are my age and slightly unhinged (as I probably am) is that it makes you question things in life. I know, I know. I love going to the beach. A lot. It is something that I have done every summer, and a good deal of these trips have been taken at Kure Beach, NC. Kure Beach, to me, is the perfect beach. There is stuff to do in nearby Carolina Beach (a boardwalk, ice cream shops, a few shops, the best frickin' doughnuts you'll ever put in your mouth), but it is quiet enough to where you can go and just enjoy the beach and not feel any pressure to do anything but read and chill on the beach. Thus, I have always kind of thought that someday I would buy a beach house, possibly with my mom. I think I started seriously considering it during this trip--my mom and I looked at some real estate listings and she talked in some detail to the real estate agency where we rented our condo. With as frugal as my husband is and the way that he handles our finances (if I have anything to do with them, we are on a one-way track to Overdraft City), this is something that we could feasibly do, not now, but within a few years.

But then I started thinking about it: I would love to be able to teach and then leave the day after school is out and spend the summer at the beach. That would make me happy. But what about law school? If I do that, obviously we would be much more able to afford a beach house and I would do what I want to do and it would be awesome. But I wouldn't have the luxury of the time off. And although I thought I would be miserable this summer being home all the time, I really have loved it. Lord. Decisions, decisions.

Someday I really want to get to the point where I can do things without having to consider how it affects the rest of my life....

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