Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Like Father, Like Daughter

Wednesday is Comic Book Day in our house. On Wednesday's, my husband goes to his comic book shop, usually with my son, and they come home laden with their new issues. This week, my son is at my mother in law's house where he is staying while Bible school is going on. So, I dressed Alice up to go.

The shirt is from Old Navy's Collectabilitees line. I buy a lot of these for my kids. They are really cute and usually look kind of vintage-y, and they always have characters that my kids like (Sam especially). I would say at least 40% of Sam's shirts are from this line. Last Christmas, I even scored him a Wolverine hoodie! Even better, this particular shirt was on clearance with an additional 50% off! I think I got it for about $3.

And since I was taking pictures of everyone else, I took one of myself:

Yes, I'm in a car. I didn't wear a comic book shop t-shirt--my shirt is sailor stripes and I bought it at Target. I wore my new Loft lean boyfriend chinos (rolled at the ankle), Land's End leather flip flops and silver hoops from American Eagle.

And yup, that picture is sideways because I'm sort of an idiot, but I refuse to ask my husband how to fix it. Let's hope I figure it out and can edit this soon!

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