Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weight Watchers Update (and some Fashion-y Stuff Too)

So. I lost 1 big ole pound this week. Big whoop. I know, I know. I could have gained. Or I could have stayed even. Any loss is good. But 1 pound seems a little sad, a little lonely. So I've not been overly excited with it.

I really need to exercise this week. I'll just be honest with ya'll--I haven't done any formal exercise routine since I restarted WW. I mean, I have taken my kids on some hikes, and I've played with them outside and I've parked my car farther from my office building, and I've gotten up from my desk and walked up the stairs and around my building a couple of times each day. So little things. But no formal classes or running trips or anything. Which is really, really bad on my part. Just between us, I'll tell you this also: I freaking love to exercise. I love to run, I love the adrenaline of it all, I love the competition I have with myself. If I weren't completely slow and uncoordinated, I would be one hell of an athlete because I have the mentality for it and I like to work hard on something and see the results (so basically, if I were an actual athlete, I'd be a good one!). And I do really, really like it. But so far, life has just not presented me the most opportunities to actually do it. Admittedly, I do much better in the spring/summer/early fall because then I can go down to the lake and just have at it. I should note that my husband is incredibly supportive of my running/walking whatever and encourages me and watches the kids and such. But right now, with rain and coldness and more snow (supposedly), I just can't. And it is hard finding something I can do that I like doing and that will keep me dry--gyms are all at least 30 minutes away from my house. And of course, there is the age old excuse of finding time to do ANYTHING when three kids are involved. Most nights, by the time dinner is over with and kids are in bed, I'm just happy that we all are fed and have all of our limbs still affixed to our bodies.

But I'm going to make a conscious effort this week. I have a couple of DVD's that I can do, and it is time to actually take them out of the cellophane. I know that eating well can only take me so far, and it is not my style to blame the weather for my own inability to get off my ass and do something about a part of my self that I want to change. So I'm going to can the bullshit and work out. The sad thing is, I know I'll enjoy it, and just be even madder at myself that I didn't do it earlier. Le sigh.

One thing that I have been doing for myself that kind of goes along with this is really paying attention to what I wear. I've started planning my outfits better. It actually gives me something to look forward to, and encourages me--I think to myself "In one pound more, this skirt will be too big--let's wear it this week and enjoy it while I can!" I also have been keeping tabs of the how much better things that were pushed to the back of the closet are fitting now. So the whole thing is good. And really, folks, what you wear can make all the difference. I met a woman recently who has a very young baby. We were discussing babies and life post-baby and somehow it came out that we were both on Weight Watchers. She ended up telling me that she only had 6 more pounds of baby weight to take off and then she wants to take off another 10 after that. I was floored. Not because of her great accomplishment, but rather, because the way she was dressed, I thought she was much heavier than what she actually is. She was wearing a woolly, dolman sleeve cowl neck that was very chunky and hit at an odd spot on her hips (and showed her bra when she lifted her arms--ladies, please wear some sort of garment under these kinds of tops!), and cropped wide-leg plaid trousers. The whole look was very boxy and just...thick. Too much material, just too much. And nobody, I MEAN NOBODY, looks good in those pants. They are what the devil's wife wears in hell when her khaki capri cargo pants are in the wash.

So the moral of the story is, honey, flaunt that shit. If you have lost weight, you probably have a bunch of stuff that you can no longer wear in your closet. Great. Chuck it. Don't wear it. Pick up a few things at Target or Old Navy that flatter you and stick to that until you get to your new size. If things are basic, no one cares if you wore that last week--if it looks good, it doesn't matter.

Let's all hope for a fashionable and healthy week! Good vibes next Tuesday (scale time!) much appreciated!

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