Monday, March 7, 2011

RIP Nars Orgasm Blush

Today, I lay to rest a companion that I have had since 2007. Yup, the blush has been with me for nearly four years. It has survived two trips across the country, the birth of a child (just barely--Sam picked it up and for some inexplicable reason threw it across the hospital room the day after Alice's birth. And yes, you should know that I was wearing this blush while in labor and the day afterward), several trips to beaches both on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, and one scary ass night in Elko, Oklahoma when I thought we had stumbled upon the hotel from the movie Vacancy and I was going to have to stay up all night and defend myself and my sleeping husband, armed with only a mascara wand and a set of keys. (Yes, that really happened.)
I should note that if I were on a desert island, this would be one of the things that I would want with me, along with my Frye boots and my favorite premium writing pads and gel pens that I buy in bulk at Office Depot for making lists. I love this stuff. And yes, I already have the replacement blush.
Seeing it makes me think of all the changes in my life since I bought it. Back then, I was a recent college grad, trying to make sense of the working world and what "business casual" meant. I was also trying to make that very, very rough transition from college sweatshirts and corduroys to "polished." This blush is a symbol of that transition for me. When I bought it, I thought it was very, very expensive, but I laid the money down with hopes that it would help me look older and more refined. But now I look at it, and am amazed at what a good deal it is. $27 for 4 years worth of perfect cheeks? Holy shit! $27 is 9 lattes, ya'll. I can drink 9 lattes in the span of two weeks. And I have had this for 4 YEARS. So, it is a fantastic deal, and yes, it did its job. Because of buying this blush (and a few other products), I learned what it means to treat my appearance as an asset and a source of pride.

If you haven't tried Nars blush yet, I encourage you to do so. The color is highly pigmented, so you don't need a lot, and the shades are really fantastic looking. I also own "Albatross" which is a kind of golden glimmer looking powder, and I use their bronzer in "Laguna" during the summer months. I have had the bronzer for two years now and it basically looks new. It is definitely worth however much you have to lay down for it.
Do you have any go-to, "desert island" products that you absolutely refuse to live without? Please share!

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  1. Oh the lovely Nars Orgasm, I bought a second one like a year or so ago after having my first one for about four years. Amazing how long it lasts, how well it transforms the skin, and is worth the dinero!