Friday, December 3, 2010


This has been the week from hell. Well, actually, maybe not. The event that I planned and held this week for work went off without a hitch (aside from a rather strange request for cookies one day that kept me scrambling for a while....yes, cookies), Matt and I got to go out for burgers after work one day sans children and it was very, very fun, and I won a Windows 7 phone. But I have also had to deal with needy people, a baby who cries when I go to work (which makes me feel AWFUL), four inch heels everyday and a total lack of meaningful, long term sleep. Such is life, I suppose. Thank goodness, however, that this will not be happening again in the next little bit.

So today I celebrated a shorter work day and the fact that it is Friday with a casual outfit. And I photographed it (yes, in the office bathroom) because I wanted you to see how I dress on the weekends. Mostly what I have taken a picture of thus far has been stuff I wear to work. This is what I look like when I am chasing my children and going to Target and eating things that I shouldn't.
Black riding pants: Merona Collection from Target
Chambray work shirt: Lands End Canvas
Puffy vest: Old Navy
Riding boots: Merona from Target

We are not supposed to wear jeans here (even on Friday), so I went with the riding pants. A lot of people wear khakis, but I honestly do not own a pair of khakis, so I either wear these or corduroys on Friday. These pants are super comfortable, and retain their shape amazingly well. The shirt is also pretty awesome. My husband loves it, which is a plus, but it is also very comfortable, and the fit is relaxed without being sloppy. The vest I bought for $15 on Black Friday (got everyone in my family one) because puffy vests, I think, are great for when the weather is cold but you don't want to be burdened with a heavy coat (like when you are shopping or something). The tree lighting in our town is tonight and I brought the vest to wear because it is green and more festive than my other stuff.

I hope everyone is excited about the weekend. Anyone planning any fun holiday stuff? We were going to go get our tree, but Gabby is going to be in a holiday parade tomorrow and Sunday we are expecting snow and I might be taking the kids to an indoor pool party. I kinda hope not, because I wanted to stay in and bake! We are hoping to sneak away from work/school on Tuesday or Wednesday and go out and get it then. Getting our tree is a huge production because we drive (further) into the mountains of NC and go to a place where we can cut it down. It is very Griswold family Christmas, but we remember the saw!

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