Friday, December 17, 2010

Ah, Winter.

On Wednesday night, we got a huge ice storm, which means that I spent yesterday home with my children, as my mother in law could not get to our house and I didn't want to chance getting to work. I really thought I could make it, but then they cancelled the Christmas party, and I knew it was really, really super bad if they would cancel a party that we all have been looking forward to so much (cue eyeroll), so I stayed home. And made toffee. But that is neither here nor there.

Today, I got up and put on 1/2 of my holiday outfit because I did not want to get salt and snow detritus on my velvet pants. I am wearing a sequin striped t-shirt from Loft (no longer on website) and this cardigan, along with my trusty Modern Bootcut pants and the oxfords that I found in my closet last week. My daughter's dance recital is tonight, and I figured that if I had time, I would run by the house and put on my velvet trousers before going to the show. I packed up my cupcakes, a gift for a coworker and my regular work bag, and set off to the office.

Except that my car got stuck in the driveway. Not just stuck. Like REALLY stuck. Like I kept trying to get it out, and it ended up slipping on the ice and sliding around to where it was almost resting on a tree. Luckily (or unluckily, depending on how you look at it), Matt had not left for work yet, so I was able to ride with him (we work in towns that are close to each other). He spent the first part of our trip, however, bitching about my car. About how we might have to get it towed out. About how a $100 tow bill is exactly what we need right now, a week before Christmas. Yada yada yada. And then I realize that he is not leaving work until 5, and I was going to leave earlier to make sure I could get Gabby ready for the recital. Luckily, my mother in law can do it, and we will get there just in time for the show, but still...I wanted to help her put on some make-up and put her hair up and all of that stuff.

Then I get to work and get a crazy headache. Like throbbing pain. I have taken two ibuprophen and it has yet to dent the pain. I hardly ever take medicine, so the fact that I actually did this is astounding enough. No one is in the office, so I am tempted to get up under my desk and try to go to sleep. Like REALLY tempted. I'm pretty sure that that is the only thing that would help at this point.

Anyway, suffice it to say, this winter is not getting off to a very good start. Today is the 8th day of school that my kids have missed, which means that they will make those days up in summer. And if it is this bad now, when winter has not even officially started yet....the mind boggles. Perhaps I am just bitter because of my headache but still. I am really beginning to hate winter.

Here is some good news though--my bangs were getting really unruly and hideous, and I was supposed to get them trimmed yesterday, but well, I couldn't go anywhere because of the weather. And my hairstylist isn't available today or on Saturday. So, just now, having reached my limit of stupid stuff that I can take, I walked to the office bathroom, carrying the scissors from my desk. And yes, I cut my own bangs. The whole time I was just daring someone to come in and say something, because I just knew that given my morning, I would brandish my scissors at them and yell, "YEAH? So my bangs were long. SO WHAT? Wanna make something of it, PUNK?" I also just knew that I would gap them or something awful. I haven't cut my own bangs since college, and even then, I did it with those little dinky nail scissors and sat in front of my mirror, doing it ever so carefully. This time, I just swooped on in the bathroom, stood in front of the sink with my big ole honkin' Office Depot brand shears and had at it. With the mood I was in, I'm surprised I didn't give myself a mullet.

And the results are not that bad, if I do say so myself:

(This is what happens when you are taking a picture of your bangs at your desk and then you think you hear someone walking down the hall.)

When I played with them in the bathroom, I thought I could get them looking really cool, and I still think that, especially if I am equipped with a brush and some sort of product. So hopefully Matt and I will have time to run by the house and get some of that. Or we won't. And I'll just go into the bathroom here before we leave and use my stapler, a few paper clips and a thing of white out to fashion up a real holiday 'do.

So, anyway, if you are keeping score, it is Winter: 8, Morgan: 1.5. Because I actually like these shoes that I found, and my bangs are no longer hideous. Take that, you frigid bitch.

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