Friday, January 8, 2010


We are out of school today for snow, which is AWESOME. Yes, I know we will have to make it up in summer time and I will bitch and moan about it at that time. But there is something magical about a snow day, no matter how old you are. Seriously. The public schools of the US should make a major ad campaign about this--people would sign up to be teachers in no time! I seriously got up this morning (at 9:15!!!) and thought about putting off law school indefinitely and keep working for the public school system just based on the totally delicious feeling of sleeping late and waking up to puffy white awesomeness.

Anyway, I desperately need to catch up on blogging, because really, I want to be a better blogger. But lately, mostly with the holidays and all, I just haven't been able to do that the way I would like. So let's hope that in 2010, I do better. We'll see. I'm not promising a lot, I guess, because I know my own limitations with work and the kids and being a viable member of the family. But I will try.

At any rate, my kids remain awesome in all ways. My son is currently standing beside me in his swimming trunks, which totally makes sense if you know my son. My oldest daughter is taking pictures of herself and the baby with her new DSi. And I am sitting here in the midst of it all, loving the noise and the happiness that radiate off of these little beings.

I took Sam to the doctor a few days ago, which was a hilarious experience. It was just a check-up (I am trying to be a good mom and scheduling everyone's medical/dental appointments at the beginning of the year so they are over and done with and so I can remember when to schedule them for next year). Sam, who has never met a stranger, sat down and immediately told the doctor, "We have problems in our house." I was sitting there, holding Alice, and my jaw dropped. I had images of Child and Family Services showing up at my house with crowbars and tasers. The doctor asked him what kind of problems he was referring to, and he goes, "My sister and I went on the recalled toy website, and we have THREE TOYS that were recalled!!" The doctor laughed, and I laughed (a little uneasily) and decided to breathe again. The check-up went along as planned. Then the doctor said she needed to check Sam's genitals. I helped him to pull his pants down, and the doctor talked to him about good touch/bad touch. He asked why she was touching him. She smiled and said that she needed to make sure that he was growing ok. Sam gets all serious and says (in a loud voice, mind you), "That thing on the grows a lot!!! Really fast sometimes! I think it is going to grow and grow and touch the ceiling!" The doctor and I both had to put our heads down and silently laugh. I am going to remind Sam of this around the first time that he brings a girl from college.

Ok, now Gabby just took a picture of Alice and put a mustache and fuzzy black eyebrows on her. She looks amazingly like Mario.

It is days like this that I really should do more. We were out of school yesterday as well, and I got all my laundry done and cleaned out Sam's drawers and went through our unmatched socks to weed out potential matches and turning the rest into rags (dusting with socks is kinda the bomb diggity and I dare you to find those exact words elsewhere on the internet). But then part of me tells me that I should have more days like this, where my major accomplishments including watching Celebrity Rehab, loading the dishwasher, showering, and testing the merits of Herbal Essences new Tousle Me Softly mousse. I am usually such a Type A kinda girl--always running, always going, always holding myself to a super high standard that I'm not sure I ever really attain--that days like these feel super indulgent and wonderful. Could I do it tomorrow? Definitely not. I would go crazy. But right now I feel centered and happy and awesome.

My birthday is less than two weeks away. I will be 27. I think of all that I have done thus far--the three kids, the moves across the country, college, all the stuff that has been strange and hard and wonderful. I want it to continue--my husband has talked about slowing down as we approach 30, but I don't think I want to. I want this--I can't wait to get back to law school, I want all the challenges that that brings. As I approach my birthday, I feel better about myself than ever before. Part of that is the physical stuff, but most of that is having my kids and my family and feeling complete.

And on that note, Alice decides that she has had ENOUGH. I am off to give her a nap, and maybe take one myself!!!

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