Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Morgan is a size 8.

That is all I have to say. It is kinda the best thing ever.

Sitting in a bag beside of me is a pair of size 8 pants. 3 mothereffing pairs of them in fact.

I have not been a size 8...well, ever. I wore a 6 before my first daughter was born and a 10/12 after. I have been up to a size 16 (and a tight size 16 at that). I have spent most of my time as an adult as a 14.

I just cancelled every email sale alert I receive from a plus sized clothier. I am going to all my online shopping carts in a bit and deleting all the size 10's and replacing them with 8's.

And I am never going back. That is basically why I am writing this. The way I feel right now...I wouldn't trade it for anything on this planet. I am so proud of myself. I feel like ME. I don't feel like Mommy Morgan or Stressed Out Morgan. I feel like MORGAN, GROWN ASS WOMAN and OFFICIAL HOT MAMA. I feel strong. I feel comfortable in my own skin. I feel like I could go in anywhere right now at this moment and not be uncomfortable (well, I'd change out of my jammies first).

Fuck yeah!

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