Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I fucking love Valentine's Day. I'm not even going to front. I think it is rad. I have always loved it, and I persist, despite the fact that it seems to be somewhat trendy to hate it, to decry it, to roll your eyes in its general direction.

Love is an awesome emotion, as countless pop songs have been telling us for years. So why not celebrate it? Celebrate it in its myriad forms--the love you have for your kids, your dog, your favorite shoes. And today, celebrate yourself too: put on your favorite lipstick, listen to your favorite songs, eat something incredible.

And if you are bored, I implore you to comment or email me or tweet me or send a fucking carrier pigeon my way with two bits of information: 1) your favorite shade of red lipstick and 2) best way to prepare kale. And no, these are not related although since I typed that, my mind is exploding with ways to combine the two.

Happy Valentine's Day and may you eat something so chocolatey that it makes you sick, but sick in a good way and not a bad one.


  1. Totally succumbed to the hype and bought NARS Heatwave. It's super orangey, but I think it's fun. But today it's Revlon ColorStay in Top Tomato.

    And kale... my husband sautees it with some chicken broth, crushed red pepper and garlic and it's INSANE. I also saw this recipe on another blog that I plan on doing with kale: http://www.districtofchic.com/2012/02/utica-greens.html

  2. I'm with you, Morgan. All the V-Day hatred is a little goofy. Love everyone! Love yourself! Yeah! I co-facilitated group therapy at my agency and we discussed the little ways we can take a few minutes to love ourselves...look at the moon or a sunset, have some herbal tea, stretch, sing or dance.

    I haven't worn red lipstick in years, but it used to be my signature look. Perhaps I should start rockin' it again. I can't remember the exact shade, but I'm sure it came from Avon.

    Kale chips rock! Actually, the very VERY best kale ever is a slaw at my local health food store/deli. It's got...let's see...hmm...I feel like this might be the original recipe. If not, it's close. The best parts are the garlic and ginger.